Digging for jank - 1-3 @Singapore National 2023-11-18

Diogene 4029

Tournament at midnight (my local time). I wanted to show off this deck in a real tournament, hoping to get the personal achievement of winning a game with Superdeep Borehole in a serious tournament. I to 22th place, out of 30 participants.

Results :

Rezzing Superdeep Borehole on stream was fun. In itself, it means I was able to show this off.

I'm sure some tweak could be done, like having more Manegarm Skunkworks (which does a lot of work with Formicary), less Magnet (which are completly useless at 4 bad publicity. A Pivot would also be welcome here. In any cases, every match were a lot of fun.

Thanks to all the participants, to Aksu for streaming and a special thanks to the judges and organizers (Ghost00 and al.). It was well organized and a lot of fun. Cheers.

Original deck notes:

This deck wins games just because Pinhole Threading is played as much anymore.

I should've slotted Pinhole

Game plan : put Superdeep Borehole in a remote and protect it with your life. Sometime, you get to punish the scoring for scoring.

Mulligan plan : get Superdeep Borehole, or Punitive Counterstrike.

Never aim to score out with this deck, if you think about doing this, look for a better Outfit deck, this is not it.

The only change from the original is the replaced of Winchester for Afshar, because bad publicity makes Winchester truly useless. And like I said, we want 7x 3 points agendas.

While it did not happen at the event, half the wins with this deck are with Superdeep Borehole and half are with Punitive Counterstrike.

From the original deck :

We have money. Not just plenty of it, but a fountain of it. Even our trash makes money. And sometime, we ask a consultant to bring us more.

Here, Bio Vault is better than Anoetic Void, because it stop the only real problem for us.

Formicary allows us to do double duty at putting more ice on the remote for free, and doing the double Skunkworks trick by moving it after the runner has paid for Manegarm.

Magnet is there because Arissana Rocha Nahu: Street Artist and ANARCHS are mainstream.

Agendas are as few as possible. SDS Drone Deployment slows the runner and Send a Message rez ices for us (making it less likely to lose them to Hermes).

The plan is simple, win or concede. Because we have 5 bad pub, we might as well be iceless, with no fast advance trick.