Upgrades and Junebugs oh my -2nd Place CO SC -20 people

mathandlove 422

What would happen if I made a server with 8 upgrades in it. It turns out no one will ever run it, especially with NGO Front so prevalent. Who needs ice when upgrades are the best deterrent!

My favorite play in this deck was when Adam used Find the Truth to see a SSL on the top of my deck on his last click, first turn. I double advanced a Junebug and killed him on his next click.

The trick with Junebug is it works calibration testing to deal extra damage.

Same with Psychic field and Prisec.

This deck is not that good, but it really throws runners for a loop.

28 Feb 2018 jaiza

Another deck ill try in my small meta. ;). singularity could put you in a bad position, and i have seem lately many ppl with 1 in their decks (just for the 5 upgrades/trap in a server). Anyway good one.