Post-roto / pre-ban Business Show IG

Necro 190

prison pic

I just copied the Six Shock IG from the Polish champ Jander and made the following adjustments:
-3 Shock!
-3 Jackson Howard
+3 Daily Business Show
+3 Preemptive Action
-1 Fetal AI
+1 Philotic Entanglement
-1 Quandary .
+1 Crick


Rejoice that Whizzard and Account Siphon are no more. Go for the draw-draw-ICE Archives first turn. Try surviving early game. Get money and draws with Estelle Moon. Recur trashed assets with Friends in High Places. Set up prison, suffocate runner with Bio-Ethics Association. Protect assets with Hostile Infrastructure.

Daily Business Show is your new Jackson Howard as it fends off agenda flooding. Fire Estelle Moon on runner's turn while Daily Business Show is rezzed. Jam agendas in the bottom of your deck.

Is this a positive-player-experience deck?


Tournament Experience

We had a small, 7 player GNK and played 4 rounds. This deck won 3 out of 4 and I won the event.

Round 1 Adam - win

The directives doesn't go well with IG. He was not cautious enough and flaceplanted a Cortex Lock which flatlined him.

Round 2 Smoke - win

The prison worked well, slow grind with Bio-Ethics Association plus Genetics Pavilion. Neural EMPs finished the job

Round 3 Edward Kim - win

This was a really close one. He removed my Bio-Ethics Associations with Salsette Slums and got some heavy punishment from Hacktivist Meeting. Luckily I managed to trick him into thinking an advanced Ronin was an agenda. As he didn't have the credits to trash it, it finished him next turn accompanied by a Neural EMP.

Round 4 Smoke - loss

Ok, this deck was totally teched against mine. Double Film Critic, Feedback Filter plus such breakers as G2 Shrike M2 (against Komainu) and Ankusa (against Kakugo). I got steamrolled.

What if the spoiled ban/restrict list hits?

Then this deck is screwed. Friends in High Places is essential. Also you would have to choose between Estelle Moon and Obokata Protocol.