DLR MaxX Euros

gejben 523

I think this might be one of the decks that had the best all-around matchups at Euros. Good against CI, crushes Sync, ok vs moonies (at least I think so) and glacier-decks.

I think if I had just practiced the moonie-matchup more the results would be even better. It went 7-3 and only lost to moonies which was played by really good players (@Jonny, @echo and @tclifford) and all of them felt like I had a shot if I only played better.

Cut a IHW and went up to 46 for 2 Gambits because I wanted more money in the deck to easier contest assets so I don't think the list is optimal I'm just to lazy/had too little time to find what to cut (and it probably should still play 3 ihw so maybe just cutting the gambits is correct)