Rush, No Rush Asa (1st Fresno SC)

Grizzlefluff 201

Went 4-1 with this in a 20 person tournament. MaxX was my runner and went 6-0 on the day.

Gameplan is to rush out an Elective Upgrade, preferably behind a Mother Goddess, but most of the other ICE will do the trick usually. After that sit back and get drip money while keeping HQ as clean as possible with Daily Business Show until an agenda shows up that you can fast advance through elective tokens, Calibration Testing, MCA Austerity Policy, or Biotic Labor.

The Fresno meta was Gang Sign and Maw heavy, so during the tournament, I routinely kept HQ undefended and empty. Just played the slow game with nothing in hand. Random picks off of R&D happen, but density is low enough that losing to random single accesses doesn't happen too much. Never had to deal with Clot at all, but if the runner is on that plan, you can build a fairly taxing remote and drag continually with all of the assets until you have a window.