Memory Lane Hayley - KoS & 2nd @ Stockport SC

mcg 633

A reasonably standard Hayley build but the way I came round to it was far from straightforward. A week ago I had absolutely no idea what runner to take. I still love my Not-laidback Leela deck but its performance at Manchester SC had put me off it for competitive play. The snow week (awful weather here in the UK) gave me chance to try out a few things on jnet, and try them I did. I started with Pirate Hayley but found it beyond my skill level. I then tried to invent Pirate Kabonesa but had similar results. Next I changed colour to Seamus Val but kept nearly winning rather than actually winning. Then I got as far as sleeving up what I'm sure would have been an awful Kabonesa/Dhegdeer/Savant & Adept thing, before thankfully realising that real breakers are better than the unused MU ones, Hyperdriver is a lot more useful than Dhegdeer, and, of course, this would all work better in Hayley.

Gameplan is pretty simple: Set-up as quick as you can, using Hyperdriver to serve up some extra clicks. Then go crazy with DDM. I sloppily left it at as a 46-card deck because I thought I would need Feedback Filter, Misdirection or SacCon at some point, though that proved incorrect. I thought Salsette Slums was a stroke of genius to get around Wake Up Call in Jinteki, though I never saw that either. Ankusa could be Inti to save the small fortune it costs you to install it, but I thought it was worth it to negate Kakugo, and I think I was right for once. Also good for taking Seidrs out of Jinja towers. Would play again.

On the day it went 3-3. Beat rushy Palana, Jinja Next and Data Loop Palana (second time). Lost to Data Loop Palana, Aginfusion and a different Jinja Next. First two defeats were down to an inability to set-up; due to Scarcity or cards in wrong order. The really gutting one was in the Final against Next. It behaved almost perfectly, having everything set-up, plenty money, a Legwork and three DDMs in hand. Then the Legwork missed both the agendas in HQ. Then I misplayed, by not running until click 3, getting Sandstorm'd, then not having a spare click to steal Ikawah. Hat tip to Tom for playing it perfectly and taking the crown.