1st place Cache refresh (24ppl): Fehlerlos

ryanbantwins 2433

This is the deck that gave me 1st place at the German National's cache refresh side event. Both Los and CI went undefeated in 4 rounds of swiss (no bidding). I played against 3 PE (Ben Musashi, prisec, HoK, kakugo, SE) and 1 Skorplock. Crimson dust was not legal yet.

General idea was that I needed to be able to beat PE, NBN (door to door, 24/7), Skorplocks and baby-moonies. Smoke seemed a good choice, but she has a problem with dealing with 'cheesy' decks. Crim has the money to beat baby-moonies, the protection against NBN and you don't need that much influence to tech against the other two.


Los seems a bit stronger than Gabe. Other criminal ID's are irrelevant.


Alsmost all of the econ of a normal Andy is still available for CR. Besides from legwork there are no real good cards in H&P, so I gladly took the econ from C&C. I recently started to adore Build script and Deuces. It kinda helps with the lack of draw in crim (no EH allowed), it's great for tempo and it has a great synergy with Moose. Tapwrm is just a great card.


Staying alive seems to be the biggest challenge in CR. 3 Aaron and 2 Crash Space really should make NBN easier to beat. Both of those cards also help against PE especially Aaron. Double saccon keeps your breakers alive against Skorplock (or other random Hunter seekers). If not it enables safe econ with Tapwrm. Feedback Filter seems necessary in CR and was MVP of the day. It was one of the reasons that I picked CC and why I needed the rich crims.


Desperado is still the best console. I hate gauntlet, I only included it in case I needed HQ multiaccess. Never installed it. Always discarded it and waited for my Desperado. Maybe against something like CI or Tennin you may install it, if you didn't find the Desperado first.


Paperclip, Abagnale and Na'Not'K are almost like the standard breakers for crim right now due to their efficiency. Added Mammon for traps/early pressure and Skorp match up. Rubicon Switch was the best breaker of the day. It was brutal against Jinteki. Never had problems with annoying ICE like Kakugo, DNA tracker and Komainu. Probabaly cut the Bank Job for a second Rubicon.

Didn't miss the lack of multi access. There are not a lot of ticking timebombs (like CI) available. Remote locking and single accesses on HQ works just fine. Only run R&D if it's cheap.

31 Aug 2017 Cluster Fox

Gauntleeeeeeeet <3