Stop trying to make Bladderwort happen (4-1 APAC)

coldlava 235

Inspired by the MAD BOOM! Asa as well as the Asset Ob of previous meta, I tried to move that combo to Ob to see what success it could have. My original deck had a full 2 tag double EotLcombo that used both Bass CH1R180G4 and Wage Workers but that was too fragile and required 4 cards in hand. The main kill condition in this deck is to have Mutually Assured Destruction and EotL in hand when either a Reaper Function or Urban Renewal fire. You then use Svyatogor Excavator to extract a 4c ice into a Bass to get the 4 click turn you need to MAD->EotL. Other ways it can win are the runner just randomly ending with <4 in hand, getting Oppo'd, or firing both Reaper Function and Urban Renewal at the same time. It's a Fun deck but I'm not sure how good it'll be if you really understand how it is trying to kill you. The one loss I had was to Jan Tuno who I know is intimately familiar with asset Ob lists which makes me think that that's probably the case.

Edit EMEA continentals update

The deck went 6-1 at EMEA continentals and I got 26/145 overall since my runner went 3-4. The only loss was to Crowphie in a tight game with the kill lined up for the following turn, apparently the members QTM just have my number. This has been one of my favorite decks to play as it has an active kill threat while Ob shifts the board to throw threat after threat.

6 Aug 2023 jan tuno

this was a pleasure to play against.

6 Aug 2023 coldlava

Thanks ha, it was a really tough game and I had to go for broke at the end. Well played in congrats on making the cut!