SOCR8 Underdog Tennin [[3rd place]]

Redino987 236

This is my Tennin deck from SOCR8, which performed nearly undefeated in swiss and helped me take 3rd overall.

It is a slow and steady deck that can sneak out agendas from 0 or 1 advancement, or even in certain cases fast advance them out of hand with Trick of Light.

Part of the success of this deck comes from the taxing nature of str 3 barriers and the hugely impactful ability to end the run with Nisei MK II, Border Control, and Bio Vault.

The best part of a SOCR tournament is the ability to change your decks up between rounds to tech for other people's IDs and card choices, which involved changing the ice suite more than anything. The ability to vary the ice strengths across the suite helped deal with Atman 3, the most effective breaker in the format.

Against a deck that was rumored to have Morningstar:

I swapped my TPRs with Braintrusts, for easier fast advance ability, I had to win before the 'Star dropped. For the ICE suite, I dropped all 3 Wall of Static the singleton Masvingo and the lone Swordsman so that I could add 2 Sadaka, 1 Envelope, 1 Anansi, and 1 Jua to make the whole suite a little better for the matchup.

Against the Shaper matchups where i was expecting multiple Atman (Atmen? Atpeople?) I changed the agenda suite again, dropping the TPRs, The Future Perfect in favor of 3 Braintrust, 2 SSL Endorsement and 1 Philotic Entanglement, (which may be a better suite in general). For the ICE I worked to make sure I had as big of a strength range as possible, so that the Atman 0,3,5 wouldn't be such an effective strategy. I dropped 3 Wall of Static, 2 Komainu, and 2 Envelope so that I could add 2 Swordsman, 2 Sadaka, 2 Enigma, and 1 Anansi.