Fully Operational Asastation

LiteS 275

Fully Operational Asastation

1st place at Asgard store champ. I wanted to build a deck that used Fully Operational for value, this is my first iteration of that. Deck was a ton of fun to play, and I launched Fully Operational with 3 loaded remotes a few times on the day. It works as a soft tutor in which you just keep drawing cards till you get what you want, then gain credits.

Card Choices: Red Level for utility is great. 10/10, would play above Hedge Fund again. Gaining a click from it usually means Jeeves will trigger.

The NBN ice gains money, the idea being if the runner trashes the remotes you end up getting credits from the exchange.

On the day I even managed to hit a Val with a full Next Diamond hit, then recovered quickly with stolen Hyperloop Extension credits and Fully Operational.

The agendas were fine and GFI accomplished the goal of making sure the runner didn't win on 3 agendas, or 2 and a Mad Dash.

Roughneck didn't remove any bad pub on the day, but I still think it's worth an include with Jeeves. The other option is to free up influence and play Nanotech.

Overall it's a fun shell with new tricks and old!

26 Mar 2019 Conduit23

This looks a lot more than the list I've been trying with lots of hard ETR and Sandburg. Though I would recommend trying NASX for the occasional Fully Operational > NASX blast off into many credits.

28 Mar 2019 Conduit23

This looks a lot more sensible, I meant. But I have to recommend NASX again, just had The Dream happen.

1: Fully Operational to gain 10 and put 10 on NASX

2: Fully Operational to gain 10 and put 10 on NASX

3: Fully Operational to gain 10 and put 10 on NASX

3 operations triggers Jeeves Model Bioroids

4: Crack NASX for 60 and enjoy your new life in space

28 Mar 2019 LiteS

The Sandburg build is a little different, yeah. My thinking here was it would be pretty hard to consistently keep the runner out of a bunch of remotes with ETRs so I used cheap porous ice instead. This build says to the runner "Come on in, the water's fine" on the remotes, and eventually asks questions like "Do you really wanna run through Pop-up Window again to trash Jeeves?" With this repeated pressure you can gain a little tempo with a few active assets, then use that small advantage to open scoring windows.