construct additional pylons (2-1+bye, Lexington SC, 2nd)

stoppableforce 575

"This deck is not fun to play against, man." --NoahTheDuke

Pretty much based on spags' Nexus which in turn appears to be an iteration on RotomAppliance's Scamshop 4, this thing works a lot like most of the Nexus 419 decks you've seen. Get Citadel. Get money. Maybe get a breaker. Get a win.

I feel like the draw package in here was fine, maybe even a little bit light; 2 Class Acts is fine, because without Career Fair or Isolation, I only want to reinstall her if I have an enormous money lead. "Baklan" Bochkin only did his thing in one game, threatening to derez Border Controls that never got rezzed, mostly due to Hernando Cortez. Y'all ought to try Hernando if you haven't. 9 for a FC3 or 11 for a Spider From @#$@ing Nowhere changes some corp math.

I wanna talk about Stargate for a sec though. This was my MVP for the day and I wish I had a way to get another one in here to find it faster. This isn't just "Keyhole but different" - I mean, it is that, but there's some nuances that make it play differently that are worth noting, and almost all of them are due to the fact it doesn't cause a shuffle.

  1. If you find 2-3 agendas with Stargate, you know exactly where they're all going to be, because one card goes in the bin and the other two sit on top. You can get them now, if you're able, or just throw one in the trash and get the other out of HQ, or potentially just get rid of a different card (like an ice) and let the corp draw them. Whatever works for you!
  2. You're shaping the Corp's draw pretty heavily. Like a negative version of DBS. Are they low on ice? Keep putting ice in the bin when you find it. It's hilarious.
  3. Speaking of DBS: you know exactly what two cards they're choosing between, and the following turn it's all fresh cards for your Stargate.

Anyway, play Stargate. Card's good.

Deck went 2-1 on the day; lost to an Mti (largely due to a misplay - I got Scarcity'd early, and instead of digging for a Corporate "Grant" to turn it off, I ended up having to hard install some resources I couldn't afford to discard and therefore couldn't get any sort of money lead for the rest of the game), won against (ironically) a player on spags' Spark deck, and a NEXT Design deck on a real bad ice draw (Hernando also sort of held them underwater forever: "are you sure you want to pay 9 for that FC3?").

9 Apr 2019 Di4na

How much work does Engolo do when you already have Nexus? Would Amina and a fracter, say Saker, be a bad swap?

9 Apr 2019 stoppableforce

It was.... okay. Which is probably not what you want out of a 4-influence card, huh? You could easily make that swap (see Protoss 419). If you remove Engolo I'd want to make sure the deck at least had access to all three breakers, just to prevent a lockout of Aumakua by doubling up on one type (or, heaven forbid, double Wraparound making a comeback).

9 Apr 2019 Thike

I've been doing Stargate in denial Crim and loving it, but never though to add it to Nexus. That's mean and I love it.