All your clicks are belong to us! (3rd Bremen Regional, 3-2)

lostgeek 2067

All your clicks are belong to us

At times, this deck can feel gloriously NPE. When it all is working well, you're spamming out 4 remotes a turn, off of which the Runner can only check a maximum of 2, because of ELP. And while checking they'll lose cards to a whole suite of damage cards: House of Knives, Sting!, Breached Dome, Psychic Field, Snare! And if they don't check, there is the danger of losing your Grip to Viral Weaponization anyways.

Though there are matches where the runner can control the board too well and you're stopped pretty much dead in your tracks. But at least the Apoc matchup is more favourable than other horizontal decks, since you'll probably hit it on the Apoc turn with one damage source or the other.

This deck won against 2x Val and 419, lost against the same Val and Smoke in the cut.