Chop Bot is a crutch (3rd Austin Regionals 2019)

Uruz 605

Piloting a typical Apex deck.


The schizophrenia of Apex: you either deckbuild around your signature pressure card, or around your entire in-faction economy engine. An engine that doesn't turn unless the corp is on heartbeat fuel, you've assimilated Exodia, or you've found Mr. Mascot. With the speed that corps are going, it's becoming a big ask. So:

We're un-canceling the apocalypse!


Anarch gimmicks? check.

Recurrable economy? check.

Broad-spectrum breakers? check.

Immunity to normal Weyland? check.

Punch it.


It's 2019 and this is what your semifinals table looks like.


Went 2-1-ID in swiss, then lost a close one (forcing the outfit to count to 7) in the cut before pilot error caught up with me. She plays like every other apoc deck out there, just with in-faction silver bullets for things that are hot in the meta right now.


Things of note:

Data Raven and Tollbooth are coming back in vogue outside of NBN, time to slot 'grounds again.

Prey has the same effect on people as Leave No Trace when they have no ice rezzed on a central. Prey into en-passant works way too often.

DDoS en-passant turns 2 deep servers into 1 deep ones. We like 1 deep servers.

Assimilator+Reboot makes DDoS much less of an Important-Consumable-Resource and much more of a Gbahali-But-For-Every-Server-This-Turn. Use it if you got it.


Huge shoutout to the Austin crowd and thanks to voidreturn for putting this on.

25 Jun 2019 ctz

U a goddamn mad man I love this deck. Good work. CTZ approved

25 Jun 2019 branimated

It's beautiful. Tearing apart my old Choppy list and doing this instead.

25 Jun 2019 Swan

I sit in awe of non engine apex having played plenty of aesops apex

25 Jun 2019 PuMeGo

I completely ignored the Apocalypse game lately, because I was convinced this could just not work in apex. But this looks so gorgeous and potent, I will definetly give it a try! Love this so much thanks!

25 Jun 2019 zmb

Do you even use Apex ID ability? :-O

25 Jun 2019 branimated

I wanna get the third Crowdfunding in here ;_;

25 Jun 2019 Krasty

Could I ask you for what is Interdiction there? Seems slightly useless there for me...

25 Jun 2019 Uruz

@zmbyeah, totally. Prey math matters, and when you know you're gonna overdraw on a turn it's just good to facedown a card instead of binning it.

@branimatedtell me about it >_>

@Krasty it's about 50% countercurrent, 40% NGO outplay, and 10% CVS/Crisium/Biovault/Ash solving.

26 Jun 2019 zmb

I tried replacing Build Script with 2 Sports Hopper and add the 3rd Crowdfunding. This also works well with a) popping before turn starts to have more options for Apoc ability and b) popping before playing Apocalypse

29 Jun 2019 errantmage

This deck was awesome to watch in action! The DDoS + Assimilator combo is very real, and very effective. Thanks for delivering us into the next galaxy-brained Apex list!

3 Jul 2019 Murska

Hortum with 3 advancements behind another ice is gonna be a pain.

3 Jul 2019 spags

@Uruzyou are hear by knighted Knight of Apex and Protector of the GIF.

4 Jul 2019 Uruz