Adam on the edge (Brno regionals winner)

ToThBeBe 621

This is my take on post Employee Strike Adam based on 3s (Big thx to DoomRat for that awesome take on Adam), which I piloted to win the Brno Regionals. I am a big fan of Doomrats philosophy of not running RnG key and never running RnD unless I see something with Find the Truth, and just pressuring HQ all game if possible.

The MVP of the day was Misdirection for sure as I faced 4 Arguses out of 5 games (5th being Azmari where it was splendid as well). All day I was running kinda recklessly, and it is so easy to recover from a Hard-Hitting News with the Misdirection Multithreader combo its not fair :)

Thanks Twada for organizing, and thanks for all the guys that I played it was a blast running on the edge and trying to not become a High-Profile Target :)