Compilation Hayley (1st Aarhus Regionals)

TugtetguT 1873

11 People showed up at our regional in Aarhus this year, which probably doesn't sound like much to many, but at best we are 7 people in our local meta and 3 of these couldn't come this weekend, which means that 7 people travelled from Copenhagen, or further away, to participate. So first of all a BIG thank you to everyone who took the time to travel to Aarhus to participate! Also thank you to Anders(@Zombie) for organizing and 'Aurbits' for additional prize-support.

Compilation Hayley

Pitchfork, Circus, Tidal or simply Aesops Hayley - by now I think most people are familiar with the trifecta that is Aesop's, ProCo and Hayley Kaplan. This is yet another version of the tried and true, with a few tweaks to account for personal taste(I still like Compile a lot) and the expected meta. The core is still strong especially with Scarcity not seeing as much play atm.

In- and Excludes

2x Paricia in combination with 2x Astrolabe is the answer to asset spam. The night before the tournament I cut the third copy to settle the list on an acceptable 45 cards as I wasn't expecting much asset spam. Don't do this at home as it's ill-adviced in most other metas, but I didn't spend a Paricia-credit all day so +1 for meta calls. 46 is also a perfectly accetable number of cards in a deck, maybe.

Takobi. Boosting the otherwise very efficient shaper breakers can be awkward and I wanted to try this out. It especially shines with Na'Not'K when you break a str 8 surveyor for 2 credits and 2 counters. In practice it worked okay, it does recquire some upfront investment, but the deck is usually able to handle it and the payout is good. Also the reason I went with Na'Not'K instead of Ika.

Gauss. This is a terrible breaker. I thought it would be good enough with Takobi after the turn it was initially installed, but barriers are all either strength 1 or way above levels you want to boost Gauss to. This will be a copy of "Lady" instead in future iterations.

2x Compile. This is a great card. Helps with contesting remotes as a tutor at a discount during the early game. Acts as recursion for your tools in the late game. A lot of metas are a combination of Asset spam mixed with Weyland rush and Compile helps significantly against the latter. Between Clone Chips and these two there should also be enough recursion to only play a single copy of "Lady" as your fracter.

Technical Writer is a little bugger who pays out tremendously over the course of the game. In a pinch it's perfectly fine to cash out early on these or sell them immedeatly, there is enough econ in the deck that you don't need 10+ credits off of each one. If Scarcity of Resources sees an increase in play you could cut these for any 0 cost programs or if corps start rushing even harder you could play diesel in this slot.

Stargate the selected choice of multiaccess in many decks atm. I've seen and played this in all main factions now and its just solid. In Hayley builds in particular it shines by being tutorable and taking up only 1 deckslot leaving lots of room for econ and tech. All games I won except for one was closed out with Stargate.

Tournament Breakdown

Round 1

Against Casper on Jermison. I had a very good opening and his was lackluster. Highlight of the game was when he scored a Standoff going down to 1 credit and we both trashed till he had only and ICE on R&D and HQ left.

Round 2

Andreas on 'Mushin Image'. He got to 4 from Mushin No Shin on an Obokata and a naked HoK. I stole a Bacterial Programming, ran a Mushin No Shin advanced Obokata and got the last point from Stargate. quick dirty game.

Round 3

Leopold on Palana with Punitives. Turn 1 Scarcity had me paying through the nose for my resources and Leopold had also found 2 Rashidas by turn 3. I never really got in to the game and 2 5/3's and a surprise "Clones are not People" did me in. I think I would also have died to punitive had I stolen the Obokata that won Leopold the game.

Round 4

Igor on standard Argus. My econ this game was fine as far as i recall, but breakers and smc's were scarce, so quickly Igor got to 6 points, but then he missplayed a Hostile thinking I couldn't Clot. Then followed a couple of tight turns of keeping the clot threat alive whilst trying to Stargate the win on an R&D neglected in favor of Igor's rush strategy.

Winners Final

Leopold on Palana again, this was my favourite game of the tournament. Luckily for me he didn't have Scarcity on turn 1, he had turn 1 and 2 Rashida though. I let the first attempt at a score go and he scored a 5/3 agenda. Then followed A LOT of contesting the remote: I ran on advanced NGO Fronts no less than 4! times through a remote with DNA Tracker, an Anansi and a Kakugo at the bottom. When I finally stole the second agenda and got to 6 points Leopold had 42 credits at the beginning of his turn and I finished mine on 30. He played 2 Punitives alleviating me from most of my credits. Time was called after Leopold had installed and double advanced what I knew was an agenda, since we shared decklist in the cut, and I went in and got it. If Scarcity had come out sooner I'm certain things wouldn't have turned out well for me.

Grand Final

Anders on Argus. My opening hand was great. Gamble + Aesop's and ProCo, the next 5-10 cards were all awful. Turn 2 I discarded another 2 ProCo's and an Aesop's that I had just drawn. Meanwhile Anders scored an uncontested Hostile and a spicy Armed Intimidation, however this was the last agenda he saw in I dont know how many cards. On the turn he finally drew an Atlas I ran in and stole it, clearing the server from prisecs and made a Stargate run that saw no less than 2 GFI's and a Hostile, trashed the Hostile and cleared 3 tags with Misdirection. On my next turn the Stargate run saw yet another GFI and since Anders hadn't drawn both the previously revealed ones that was game.

20 Aug 2019 ayyyliens

nooo, where's the brahman?

20 Aug 2019 DonLoverGate

I may have been calm on the surface, but even with my near perfect draws I was no match in the cut game haha

Excellently piloted, can't wait for the inevitable rematch!

20 Aug 2019 TugtetguT

@ayyyliensI blame the 45 card purists :-) - and border control which taxes your clicks, making it hard to find the clicks to reinstall programs and contest.

@DonLoverGateHaha I definitely was and looked nervous enough for the both of us! Next time, after that sweep of yours, in swiss, I'll offer an ID ;D

21 Aug 2019 5N00P1

only 45 cards? What kind of a Hayley is that?

23 Aug 2019 Saan

Ah, yeah, this is the good stuff. I've been having a good time with the Wu deck recently, but I just love me some Hayley. The Stargate is a great include, since it saves lots of slots over something like Khusyuk, as well as uses some of that spare influence.

26 Aug 2019 zmb

@TugtetguT congratz on a well deserved victory! I couldn't find my agendas, and you couldn't find your breakers. I don't recall ever playing against anyone who ProCo'ed that hard for half the game :-D