Skorpios Astronautics - 19th @ Crown of Lasers 2019

koga 679

This is the corp deck I brought to the Crown of Lasers this year, going 3-1.
You can see it in action here.
My runner was Kabonesa Wu, check out the Worlds decklist for a writeup.

I wanted to play a fast deck that had to be in either HB or Weyland, and having only 30 mins or so to decide what ID I should play I somehow ended up choosing Jemison. It's not a crazy deck, I took inspiration from a couple recent Jemison decklists + the good old Skorporate Town Skorpios build, mixed those together end ended up with this list.

You can play really fast thanks to Fast Tracks, Audacity, Biotic, Oberths and Archers, as the Jemison ability gives you easy adv tokens on agendas to easily score SDS or overadvanced Atlases.
SDS is just great here, and in conjunction with Batty + Archer/Tithonium and Ark Lockdown can give you tremendous amounts of tempo.
I had no restricted card, so Mother Goddess came in, as it often helps scoring the first points or just delaying Apoc decks that often don't have AI breakers.

On the day we got a bye on the first round, then it beat Liza x2, won against another runner (can't remember) and lost vs a Khumalo on time after a silly mistake by me (could have purged to lock them out, I guess nerves + being tired didn't help).
Firing Batty + Archer on stream felt good, and learning afterwards I had played against a really strong opponent gives me even more hope for future tournaments.

I want to thank all my opponents, NISEI and Jakuza for the great games, the tournament and the incredible lasered IDs (even though I couldn't get a Jemison one) :P
A huge thanks goes to my teammates and the rest of the italian community for being there or cheering for us from home. I wish we played better in the last round, but I think we still put up a good show.
I hope I'll be able to come back to big tournaments to meet all the new friends I made, but I also want to become even stronger and put up an even better show next time.

12 Oct 2019 Cliquil

Congrats on the game and thanks for posting the list. Jemison club member to another! :D