Look Mum No Teeth! (top somethingth at CoL 2019)

Hyperbolic_Mess 170

So we settled on all the IDs from R&R as our "theme" for CoL and I naturally picked Gnat and Saraswati as I've not really played them much.

This is the gnat deck I cooked up the night before with 0 games of testing just a good old fashioned theory crafting session in the pub mostly with @SteffMonkey and dismayed looks from my other team mate @Swabl. I wanted to build a "true" gnat deck that leaned allllll the way in with emptied mind and Cradle to take him all the way to value town. It's pretty efficient for given values of efficient and patchwork + Guineapig feels amazing as does breaking DNA tracker for 2 with Ice Carver out. As guru keeps you safe levy isn't for survivability it just lets you blast through your guneapigs, gambles, taps and casts a second time for all the money. Final thing to remember is only hop on the train to value town once you're safe as missing out on those clicks and credits is marginally better than turning up dead.

I think I only won 2 games on the day but as Saraswati somehow kept winning I was playing against some pretty conventionally strong decks and this deck is definitely more fun than good.

25 Oct 2019 valerian32

Oh, I want to try it = D

26 Oct 2019 scd

I really like the Bookmark idea, and wonder if it's a good idea to try to make room for 2x of these at least.

27 Oct 2019 rotage

Yeah I guess you could drop clone chip and add a ret run, as you dont have inject then I am guessing recursion is mostly for rig shooter decks/SDS

29 Oct 2019 errantmage

Emptied Mind without Severnius + Duggars? Impressive!