Very (not_)Nice Seidr - 1st @ Italian KoS & best HB

koga 703

This is the janky list I played @ our yearly Italian King of Servers.

I'm an HB at heart, but I don't really enjoy the combo decks, so I kinda knew from the start I didn't want to play @Pinsel's ASA list.
I wanted to play some unexpected janky deck as I often do, that's what I enjoy the most in the whole game.
After asking for some idea to @Baralai (a jank master) I somehow remembered about the Ronald Five + Seidr interactions.
Not expecting much asset hate (and many Adams) I thought this deck had something to offer. I could play False Lead + Border Control to score Ikawahs and recur anything I'd need.
As most "good" janky decks, once you know what's up the deck becomes waaay worse and sometimes falls apart. Often opponents figure out what you're going after half a game and learn to beat you regularly after just a couple games. But that's what makes them great for friendly events like team events. Everyone loves a good beating from something strange every now and then. We even go back playing draft for Midseason Scorch decks.

The other Turin City Grid players went for ACME (@edobram), PE (@Icon) and Argus (@Berzelius).

Here's my runner deck for the event.


  • Round 1 against "S(weet)S(ixteen)L(adies) Endorsement" playing vs @ChaosIsMe on Hoshiko Shiro.
    He knows from the id I'm up to something and sees me start with triple install. His thought? "Oh sh- it's asset spam. Well, better start Stargating stuff asap". Turn 1 click 1 drops Stargate and uses it. I rez the Ronald. Trashes an ice and I put it back on top of the deck.
    "Hmm. Shit."
    I see the econ I was looking for and draw for it, putting the Eli on R&D. He tries to recover from his turn 1 play while I manage to set up at lightning speed. I get a couple ice down, 2 on a remote and start scoring with Bass + Jeeves + Team Sponsorship.
    The whole game he tries to find econ and get it down but it's too late because I manage to get the win soon.

  • Round 2 against "Dio Run", playing vs @Darta. He's a meta mate on Apoc Omar and we are on stream. (SPOILER: no diodiodio this time)
    We played this matchup already, but it's always been very close. I get some assets down but I have no ice. He draws and seems to be getting ready to Apoc (he needs a turn or 2 to find it).
    I install Jeeves, Architect Deployment and Vitruvius.
    He looks for Apoc and finds it.
    I score ADT thanks to Jeeves and get a rezzed Border Control on Archives. I'm lucky because I get to delay his Apoc a turn more. He drops Eater and draws some more and gets money. I manage to score Vitruvius with a token. He finally manages to Apoc because I'm dumb and for some reason don't pop BC. I get to set up the board again while he gets to 4 points and manage to keep down Ikawah (iced) + Jeeves + Bass but I'm not rich enough. I misplay and protect Jeeves with the second ice I find instead of just icing ikawah and advancing it. I also misplayed with a Mumba Temple 1 or 2 turns earlier and I'm 1$ short for the win right then. He plays a very great turn after a bit of thinking that gives him the Ikawah and the win.

  • Round 3 against "Spammers are not people" playing vs @sengir80 on Adam. I've played this matchup already and it's not fun (for him).
    He finds almost no econ but that's somehow kinda good for him against me. He gets to charge up his TTW while I set up my board. I again get an Ikawah behind a Tour Guide after scoring 2 points, he soon draws into an MKUltra. I'm VERY happy that's not and Odore (fun fact, odore means "smell" in Italian, but the pronunciation is a bit different"). He discards it while trying to get up in money but I get to 4 points with a naked agenda. He knows there's an Ikawah because he checked it with a Logic Bomb but I now have 6 assets down and he's about 1 credit short of getting it. I get an additional asset down + a second Tour Guide in front (he got a 5 cards access on R&D seeing 2 of them and 0 points I think). He's on 3 so that steal would pretty much be game. With the second Guide down he's in no position to contest though, so I manage to get away with the game anyway.

  • Round 4 vs "Max il bello e i belli dentro" vs @ardu on Leela.
    I know from a meta mate that his deck is Spicy. I play my game and after a while discover it's an Equivocation + Gang Sign deck. Yikes.
    I score my first 2 points and he sees one of the 2 Ikawahs from hand (can't steal with the Gang Sign because no click) and it's hard for him to get into HQ). I manage to get to 5 with that and he bounces R&D. That's when I find out about the Equivocation and he's playing Mobius too. He finds 4/6 points right then and my game just became way harder than I expected. He gets Aumakua + Knobkierie down so he can get the turtle up to 5 in a turn of runs. I have Tour Guide + FC3 on R&D and clicking it means I get Bass back on top of the deck, he knows he can't let me have it. We spend a couple turn of him loading up the turtle tokens and me purging + installing thanks to Jeeves, so I manage to get the second Bass in the remote and look for agendas thanks to DBS. I have a second Jeeves on the table so he can't manage to trash both because he has to spend a whole turn for a single trash or I get Bass / Jeeves back from Archives. He realizes he should've played the game differently way earlier and I find the agenda I need the turn after.

So there it is, Seidr Laboratories goes 3-1 top HB and Turin City Grid ends up being winners for the second time in a row!

Tbf the guys from Dio Run were playing with 1 guy from home with the flu (on jnet) and ended up with just 2 points less than us, so things could have been waaaay different.

The event was great (as always) thanks to @Atien, @Porkobolo and @Darta who gathered prizes, arranged everything food-related and the venue.
In the end we managed to run the event with 9 teams (with a couple people playing from home on Jnet because of health issues) and we managed to solve the Bye issue by making the bottom 3 teams play against each other (2 from team A play vs 2 from team B and 2 from team C etc)

Thanks everyone for being there and sharing another great experience.
GGs to my teammates for the wins and spectacular games.
Sorry to everyone watching from home for the stream issues, the magical tech fairies must've done their thing on my pc and the mic the night before.
I'll ask someone for help.

Always Be Running!

24 Feb 2020 Porkobolo

Truly a deck worth of a King of Server <3

Thank you Koga, the event was great thank to all of us!