King Argus and the Knights of the Dining Table - 1st@IKoS'20

Berzelius 147

This is the deck I've brought to the Italian King of Servers 2020 (22/2/2020) as part of the winning team Turin City Grid. It went 4-0, winning also the best Weyland prize.

The name comes from the fact that players from Turin are known for giving their best at dinner, after the tournament.

Here's a small report.

  • Round 1 win vs Apoc Val: thanks to 2 atlas tokens, I managed to HHN-Boom as soon as he went down with credits.
  • Round 2 timed win vs ar00ndell's Hayley (played on Jinteki): I managed to go up to 4 points while he was setting up. Unfortunatly, network problems made it impossible to continue the match, which would have been pretty interesting.
  • Round 3 win vs braverising's Hayley: with a scored False Lead, I baited two Prisecs in my scoring server. He fell for the bait and died from HPT.
  • Round 4 win vs Max's Sunny: he installed a Film Critic on turn 1. Once again, a False Lead proved to be invaluable after I managed to tag him, allowing me to go for the kill.

False Lead proved to be the MVP of this deck, allowing for scoring and kill windows. In my opinion, it should be restricted.

Thanks to the organizers and to my teammates edobram, koga and Icon for the second IKOS win in a row.

3 Mar 2020 em-crabtree

This is a fun deck - took it to a GNK and did quite well.

3 Mar 2020 Berzelius

@m-crabtreethank you, I'm glad you've enjoyed it!