Not Gang Sign, Not Leela

mcg 758

For the Diversified Portfolio event I decided that I wanted to play on hard mode, and choose only IDs from the bottom tier. I put together a Null list, but, like every previous attempt to play him, I didn't much care for it.

Then, in a typically sprawling #UK conversation, Recon Drone got mentioned. This led to a tangent about @Paulyg's very popular Gang Sign Leela Khusyuk list. Next @Jessica mentioned she thought that those types of deck worked better with Film Critic, which made me think "the only decks I remember playing 3x Film Critics are Iain Stirling: Retired Spook lists. Hey, wait a minute."


I changed around some of the 1-cost cards because, surprisingly, Iain only has 10 influence. Turns out Public Terminals are very handy for playing Khusyuk, so then I needed some Bravados for maximum value as well. I dearly wanted to put Unregistered S&W '35 in too, but then I remembered it was rubbish.

The list went 2-2. In the first game I was rushed out by Acme Consulting: The Truth You Need because I couldn't find a Tycoon to break IP Block. For shame. In round 2 I was slowed down by Spark Agency: Worldswide Reach keep rudely rezzing adverts, but managed to get set-up just in time to win. In round 3 I had a tight Film Critic use trade off against SYNC: Everything, Everywhere but eventually ignored it and used "Freedom Through Equality" to grab four points on a run. In the final round I was rushed out by The Outfit: Family Owned and Operated when I forgot Audacity was a card, when I had The Black File in hand.

Really fun tournament. Would love to play again. Thanks to the European gang, particularly @Longi and @Krasty, for organising.

18 Mar 2020 Krasty

@mcg: was a pleassure to run this kind of funny tournament .... but, how you can have The Black File in hand, but not in the list? :o)

18 Mar 2020 mcg

Oops! Someone call a judge. The Black File was a last minute include. I dropped the third Earthrise.

19 Mar 2020 Longi

Oh, I love this deck. Finally an Ian deck I would like to play at GNK! My personal goal is to try out all criminal and weyland identities and I have been postponing playing Ian way too long. Now I do not have to.

Please next time bring Khan that works, I also need that to finish my quest :D

19 Mar 2020 Longi

Also I might suggest Armitage Codebusting instead of Public Terminal since you can use the money for everything, not just run events. And also singleton Lucky Charm comes to mind since it also costs 1 credit and it might save your Khusyuk run when the Border Control decides to stop you;)

19 Mar 2020 mcg

@LongiKhan is so tough. Her ability is so bad, I think her best deck is just ignoring it and using the limited deck size. It might even be a similar list to this, dropping a few operations.

Armitage vs. Public Terminal is an interesting one. I've had Armitage in similar builds in the past but it's so click intensive. Once you find the Terminals, a single click for Laundry or Bravado is such value, plus pays for Khusyuk and Legwork as well.

20 Mar 2020 Longi

@mcgWhy the Freedom Through Equality? It does not work with Film Critic plus you have no cards to betray the agenda location?

20 Mar 2020 mcg

For Hail Mary or other difficult situations. A few times my last turn has been play FTE, Khusyuk (hitting something), move something off Film Critic to win. Blueberry Diesel or Class Act is good for keeping it out of your hand until late in the game.