Fortified Launch Pad

DatLo 21

Originally inspired by this Lockdown Jemison deck, I've tweaked it to fit in standard and updated it overtime, and have gotten decent results in casual jnet games.

The goal of this deck is to build a strong, taxing remote, ideally protected by Anoetic Void and Border Control, slam an Oberth Protocol in, upgrade an agenda upon rezing it (Even a Standoff can be upgraded to a SDS Drone Deployment if you install SDS and Oberth over the runner's turn or use Audacity!), then go to town freely scoring the plenty of 3/2 Agendas you pack in this deck, either from hand or installing at the end of your turn if you want the Atlas token, which are really valuable in this deck.

Malapert Data Vault, or in a pinch an Atlas token, allow you to use Building Blocks and Chiyashi together with more reliability than you'd expect. I almost never install an unrezzed Chiyashi unless I'm swimming in an absurd amount of credits.

Tithonium also provides a cheap way of getting big barriers up, often crippling the runner if they don't have a Fracter ready. Don't be afraid of sacrificing even 3/2 agendas to rez it for cheap if the situation calls for it.

We also pack plenty of credits from Regolith Mining License, operations, and NGO Front which should be used to bait runners into your taxing remote. Spin Doctor of course does his Jackson Junior things, and can also be used as bait if needed.

As an alternate win condition, you also have decent rig shooting capacity from Archer, Tithonium, Ark Lockdown, and SDS Drone Deployment. Giving up a scored 3/2 to score SDS from hand with an unrezzed Oberth Protocol on board leaves you with a single click to Ark Lockdown the Paperclip you just trashed, often leading to a runner lockout if you got all the clippies in the runner's deck out of the game.

Ark Lockdown is also useful against Clot, which can be a major pain when trying to score your last agenda, which you'll often want to do through FA using either Audacity or Oberth Protocol.

Things I'd like to fit in the deck but am not sure exactly how : Cyberdex Sandbox and Cyberdex Virus Suite, Rashida Jaheem

Possible ice changes : -1 Afshar +1 Tithonium

Possible asset changes : -3 Regolith +3 Rashida

Hope you have fun rig shooting for the stars!

23 Jun 2022 Cluster Fox

Cool deck, always love me some Jammyson. Just from your description, kind of struggling to figure out how you install things on the runner's turn?

23 Jun 2022 DatLo

Probably picked the wrong choice of word, I meant installing at the end of your turn to advance on the next one, as opposed to fast advancing.

23 Jun 2022 DatLo

Updated the description, I meant installing at the end of your turn, wasn't very clear!