Tightrope GameNet (2nd and undefeated at Mancunian Lockdown)

Longi 1550

As I am a strong fan of rush decks I decided to try out something different at Mancunian Lockdown organised by @mcg. Since the HHN was banned I decided to take the strong Tightrope Azmari shell and transform it into GameNet. It worked pretty well even though in restrospect the inclusion of SIU would have made it even better.

The tournament had only three rounds which was ideal solution for working-day evening. I won all three games. First against @merrja whose very nice run-based Gabe was unfortunate to meet a glacier deck. In the second game against Pawnshop Khan piloted @analyzechris I was severely flooded. That actually worked in my favour in the end as all the saved TTW counters spent on R&D did not bring the runner the expected reward. Finaly the deck outpaced Quetzal piloted by @bergil after The All-Seeing I wrecked his board (what a terrible card). Thank you for games guys, it was a pleasure to play against you and chat with you! Also big thanks to @mcg for organising this. I think the ID appearence showed he rated the IDs well and made for an interesting tournament.