Keyhole Siphon Ice Destruction - #2 swiss, SEA Continentals

nbkelly 953

I slapped this deck together a few days ago, ditching the Hayley deck I was practicing for weeks, after having a nightmare about being keyhole siphon ddos spammed on the first (second, and third too maybe?) rounds of the last NISEI Eternal tournament. Fortunately, midseasons sea scorch outfit was so tangential to the meta I was able to blitz out 3/4 of those wins. Still, it inspired me to throw this together.

This is the corp player seeing a DOOF into stargate turn 1.

It's all so tiresome

Prior to the event, I played 1 (maybe 2?) real games with this deck against Giles Davis, and found it played against real people about the same way it did in my simulated games.

Here's the game plan:

  • You want accesses. Hoshiko goes fast when you access cards. I wanted to play this in gnat, but it was too slow
  • If RnD is open, you probably want to be slamming a Keyhole down
  • If HQ is open, Siphon them then try to pressure other remotes
  • Use Run Amok to pressure remotes if you see questionable installs, or centrals if you have your Skateboard Trick. You only pack 1 of them, so don't dig for it. You'll be able to use it for free when they're poor or if they play around hippo.
  • If ICE is rezzed, you either want to Hippo it, ChiselCharm it, or force the corp to rez even more ice and keep them poor
  • If they shore up RnD, hit them with Wanton Destruction

The biggest trouble I have had with this deck (in testing) is having agendas in archives with no way to get them. Eater is a nice general purpose selection, and it works with all your run events, but this is the primary weakness. They also ICE archives because they think you're an apoc deck.

The other "spicy" includes:

  • 1x Direct Access, because it gives you a credit (technically) with mystic/keiko, and it lets you get some value against CTM, Earth Station, Sportsmetal, The Outfit (trebuchet and bulwark hurt when it actually costs them 7 and 10), and other niche identities too. Sometimes it's blank though, and just gives us a dollar with mystic kieko.
  • 1x Rebirth for alice if you have good pressure, reina to keep them poor, or omar if you think you need one snipe to win the game
  • 1x Sneakdoor Beta so you can style on earth station
  • 3x Labor Rights don't wait until the game is over to play this. Play it to put combo pieces or doofs back in your deck mid game, make them sweat, and just improve the potential of your draws. It's no worse than clicking to draw a card.

The most important thing to remember is: HOW DOES YOUR OPPONENT WANT TO WIN, AND HOW DO YOU STOP THEM? Play your match, and not just this deck. But still play this deck. It needs testing so I can find out if it's good.

My corp deck, Sit Back and Relax ACME, went 3/5, narrowly losing one game and losing the other bigly, but otherwise carrying it's weight.

Big thanks to the NISEI team for organizing the event, all the people I played against, and Giles Davis for testing with me online.

18 Jul 2020 Baa Ram Wu

This looks like a whole lot of fun! A single copy of Quest completed could possibly go far in a build like this!

(N.b. I think you meant to write Run Amok instead of Wanton Destruction when you talk about pressuring remotes above)

18 Jul 2020 ctz

I expect another PPT but with this deck next time

18 Jul 2020 nbkelly

@Baa Ram Wu thanks, hard to write coherent after 10 hours of games. I think having so many combo cards already in the deck makes quest completed hard, but I can see it cheating out some good wins. I'll have to give it a go!

@ctz I'll retroactively find good reasons for all the cards I included.

19 Jul 2020 Krasty

Isn`t this deck quite low on econ?
What about Demolisher instead of Keiko? Could gives you more money...

19 Jul 2020 Krasty

also congratz for your results ... hope to see you at inter-continentals!

19 Jul 2020 nbkelly

@Krasty It's a little bit low, but in testing (and on the day) I found that generally, you don't really need many credits to interact with your opponent. Hoshiko provides nice drip if you can flip her often, dreamnet lets you slam through your deck, and kieko/miami turns dirty laundry and sure gamble into insane econ cards.

Some games (against red decks) I found it was ok to be low on credits all game, and other games I had to take time to put kieko and mystic down.

Ideally, by forcing the corp to rez all ice and slamming doofs, and trashing ice for the low low cost of not even encountering it, you can keep the corp pretty poor too.

Demolisher is definitely an interesting include. I'll have to give it a go and test it. 2 extra cost upfront hurts, but I think it pays dividends against any horizontal deck.

20 Jul 2020 Tamijo

Wow this is the ideal deck. Flawless and beautiful. Thanks for trashing corp Ice. Means a lot to us.