spicy (splicey?) azmari - 4-0, MKE SC

stoppableforce 575

@janktivist's Azmari deck is solid enough that you can make really bad decisions like

  • -2 Bio Vault
  • -2 Echo Chamber
  • +2 Navi Mumbai City Grid (f*ck boomerang)
  • +2 Gene Splicer (it's unstealable points but also sometimes you kill people if they stimhack the remote with the right card count) - big hat tip to @x3r0h0ur for this idea; he played it in Sportsmetal and killed me with it a year or so ago and it stuck with me

Won vs. Apoc Hoshiko, Apoc Hoshiko, Leela, and Aniccam Ken in the Milwaukee store champ on 5/23. Could've killed in the first game only (only 1 card left in their hand and 0 in deck!) but ended up just scoring 3 agendas. That's life.

23 May 2020 stoppableforce

p.s. please love my deck, I need slots

23 May 2020 CritHitd20

Have some slots, on the house.

24 May 2020 Janktivist

Navi is also solid tech against EMP Device, Mâché, and Takobi. So, definitely a clutch choice all around ;)

Congrats on the 4-0!

24 May 2020 x3r0h0ur

Listen, the gene splicer has gotten into your head after it killed you. This is good news. The gene splicer is all there is in life.

26 May 2020 Cpt_nice

I really like Navi and it is prob the best it has ever been right now, even with D4V1D being gone. Between Boomerang, Grappling Hook, Kongobali, SMC and Simulchip, that's a ton of good targets.

And I love the Gene Splicer! Very spicy

26 May 2020 stoppableforce

The real galaxy brain play with the Gene Splicer is to install it and advance it once. Everyone seems to dismiss it immediately as an NGO. Next turn you advance, advance, rez, pop, win.

27 May 2020 BlooMuse

Shhh, @stoppableforce You're giving away your secrets!

5 Jun 2020 Saan

I'm going to say that if you're ever advancing an NGO only once in Azmari 6 agenda, you're doing it wrong.