With a smoky stack (1st at Italian Startup GNK)

jan tuno 734

Choof choof!

Just your regular NEH train deck. I tried 2x Seamless Launch instead of Biotic Labor, mostly for influence reasons. You often have enough tools to score a 3/2 from hand, and Seamless is enough to score a naked Remastered Edition, in addition to helping you get a 5/3 Project Beale in combo with other FA tools, which happens to win more games than I expected. Regolith Mining License is a bit iffy because while it's good money, you rarely have the clicks to spare.

This deck went 3-1 in our Startup Tournament, where NEH generally placed well. My wins (against Tao, Tao, Zahya) were not that remarkable and generally just attributable to the deck being really fast and gear-checky. I didn't even have to bait Runners into a trap remote, which is usually necessary to keep pressure in the mid-late game so that your centrals aren't run over by a Conduit.

My only loss was due to leaking some agendas early, and then forgetting to place a Ping on HQ which would have gear-checked the Runner away and protected my 7th point, just as the train was picking up steam.

Replays: Game 1 Game 2 Game 4

30 May 2021 Davidmc7

This deck is really fun to play!