I Totally Trust Their Process - 11th @ Worlds 2020

Ar00nDELL 219

Not too much to say about the decklist as it's card by card a UK Tablet ASA deck. My preparation for Worlds has been 40 total games (runner and corp side combined) since Continentals, only on Jnet and against random opponents, so I was 100% sure that UK players were far more prepared than me for identifying the best build (ok, some months have passed but I didn't expect things to be changed drastically). So I really need to thank @ChrisFerg, @Nememiah, @MikeP, @Binarydogs and @SlickHenry (that's what I read from EurAfr winning decklist description) for developing the deck and @Angedelo for the original idea. I really appreciate the fact that great players are sharing their decks and experience on nrdb or other platforms as sometimes it's the only way for average players like me to get some insights and seeing the results of a testing team process, even if in hindsight.

Here are the games I played and the results with a few comments from the game I remember (more or less):

ROUND 1 @RobinHood w/ Chaos Theory WIN

ROUND 2 @wkz w/ Val WIN

ROUND 3 @Daine w/ Kit LOSS

Game streamed by NISEI

I got Apocalypsed to death (at least 2 Apoc rained on me) and was never able to recover. I surely did some pretty dumb mistakes during this game, prioritizing a SFT score instead of a Vitruvius with a counter on it and overcommitting to the board (also with a Vitruvius left behind a single ICE) even if my opponent's ID should have made me think about incoming Apoc. Daine played it perfectly so probably I still wouldn't have had a chance.

ROUND 4 @iref(?) w/ Hoshiko WIN

(not sure that iref was really my opponent, I don't remember and I tried to identify the player based on the decks on cobr.ai... let me know if I'm wrong, sorry!)

ROUND 5  @Countzer0 w/ Ken LOSS

A friend of mine (aka @darta) was telling me that my ASA deck had an almost impossible MU against Apoc decks. I didn't believe it was true, then I lost against all the runners that landed an Apoc against me. I think I should get better if I want to stand by my opinions. Counzer0 played far better than me applying great pressure and I made the mistake of not pushing an MCA earlier at least to force my opponent to find Swift in order to Apoc me.

ROUND 6 @Matuszczak w/ Geist WIN

Getting a Vitruvius with 3 counters was key in this game as it allowed me to get 2 additional Fully Operational in key moments. I hardly scored a GFI in 3 turns thanks to Lakshimi late in the game going 5 - 4 but I miscalculated on a critical turn thinking that I was 1 credit short (I only counted iced remotes for FulOp without adding the first iteration) of scoring with Fully Operational (for credits) + Biotic + Biotic (last Vitruvius counter) + Install + Adv x4 (with Jeeves). Time got called while I was taking my last click so I realized that If an agenda was stolen on Matuszczak turn I would have lost on time. Luckily the single key access didn't find any agenda on HQ. Pheew!

ROUND 7 @ArminFirecracker w/ Lat WIN

241 in order to probably get in the TOP. I was selected to Corp and I was able to follow the pretty standard deck plan while also protecting the centrals enough to not bleed 8 points in the meanwhile. My opponent told me that he didn't have many opportunities to practice against ASA so I guess the random side selection helped me on this.

CUT GAME 1 @analyzechris w/ Freedom WIN

Game streamed by koga

Incredibly tense game. I had an awful draw: 5 agendas in hand by turn 6 and an empty R&D before half deck was gone. This somehow also helped me as my opponent's main target for most of the game was 100% sure. I was able to score out from 4 points installing a GFI with CVS behind 2 ICE. The 2 cards hail-mary HQ access (3 agendas on 9 cards) whiffed.

CUT GAME 2 @Sokka234 w/ Leela LOSS

Game streamed by koga

Didn't stand a single chance the whole game against a far better player that also had the dream 1st turn: click 1 run R&D and steal Vitruvius, bouncing HQ ice, click 2 and 3 DoF, Click 4 Bravado into remote trashing Rashida as I was on 1 credit. The game didn't get any better for me after that.

In the end I was pretty happy with the deck selection (not to say about the final placement, even if once you get to day 2 you obviously want to go as far as possible) and I would have played the same deck going back even if, as expected, all the field was pretty heavily teched against it. 

Here is my Runner deck:

Four One Nexus - 11th @ Worlds 2020

I really want to thank the whole NISEI organization for being able to run (so smoothly btw!) such an amazing event and the italian meta (especially @darta, always ready to hear me complaining about some stupid play I did in the most recent loss, and @koga/@Mellone, for the streaming and cheering) for the support and for being great.

A final big thanks to all my opponents: they all have been very friendly and nice allowing me to have the nicest possible first Worlds experience.