Jinja PD - 1st Swiss, 3rd Overall @ Bcom

ExtraC 796


Light the Fire! is a scary card if you lean on Anoetic, so I didn't lean on Anoetic. Once I'd pivoted to additional Border Controls to counter LTF whilst still maintaining an on demand ETR it started to make sense to use Jinja to avoid bankruptcy from installing multiple Border Controls.

That being said, turns out Jinja combos with a lot more in this deck. Rashida, Gatekeeper 1st sub and Spin Doctor can all get you free installs once the grid is up and running. I've installed it open on turn 1 and had a 3 ice remote ready for sandbox ready to go less than 2 turns later, and if you draw a second Jinja? Your rnd is suddenly a lot less vulnerable to conduit, deepdive, stargate or any other central outs the runner might play.

I kept a lot of the rest of the deck similar to Rotom's excellent Worlds 2021 PD list, including the AALs as I think they fulfil a lot of the same quick money gains as lateral growth with some good interplay to drafter even without the Tranquillity synergy. PD seamless remains good as ever and I look forward to whatever. Midnight Sun will bring to this deck.

Big shout out to PSK and the rest of the BCOM crew for an excellent weekend in Barcelona, looking forward to returning next year :D

18 Apr 2022 hafgrim

Took this this deck to the Gothenburg Circuit Opener, relly enjoyed it, the magnets was the least useful otherwise all the cards where really nice. Been playing an Architects with Jinja which was pure Glacier for some years, so it was nice to be able to something familiar after being a bit unfamiliar with the meta. Thanks for sharing the deck <3