Wise Old Elf V2 30th at worlds won 8 lost 1

craigmurtagh 61

First there are a few thank you before I go into the V2. First a big thank you to NISEI for running a excellent event it is amazing the work that they continue to do. Second thanks to all those responsible for the rebirth of the Manchester Meta it is great to see it back up and running. I would also like to thank all my opponents who all played the game in a very positive manner. Lastly a big thank you to my traveling partner Terrance for his company over the weekend.

On to the deck it went 8 – 1 in Swiss including beating our new world champion. Unfortunately it was let down by my runner a bit but still leading me to an excellent 30th place. The deck is a home build and is a progression of a Argus build I have been playing. The deck was designed to win by gear checking, fast advancing or kills but the Surveyor also allowed a taxing win conditions against MK Ultra. The big advantage of the deck I think is that it is so hard to judge the correct way to play against it if you are too defensive and let me score an Atlas with 2 tokens you are way behind if you run too early and too poor you could have 4 tags and be way behind.  If I am scoring behind a single Surveyor the remote needs to be challenged while if I am scoring behind a Guard you need to find your breaker. All this I think leads to some very interesting and close games which I was lucky to be on the winning side of.

18 Oct 2019 shanodin

It was great to see you and Terrance at worlds :) well done on making day 2, Red Level Clearance is such a fun card.