How to Lose Friends & Alienate People (Worlds 2021)

NetDad 453


Don't play this deck. It's not fun for anyone.

It just installs a bunch of stuff, hopes the runner doesn't trash it, then when the runner makes a run it rezzes an entire server and drains all their credits. Then it does it again.

Loses to: Tread Lightly, Sunny Lebeau: Security Specialist, Net Mercur, Liberated Account, Miss Bones, Imp, Botulus, Endless Hunger...

The deck is probably better if you put Hedge Fund in here or something, idunno. I played like 8 games with this deck before Worlds & decided the only way I'll get to play it is in a setting where people are literally forced to play against me.

21 Nov 2021 Cpt_nice

"That's the evilest thing i can imagine"

22 Nov 2021 enkoder

Actually laughed out loud at the last sentence of your writeup. You're a monster, don't change.