Sunny's House Party, now with Doughnuts! [1st Stockholm Reg]

binnet 299

This is more or less the deck that took me to 11th place at National a couple of years ago. Just added in some new good cards. 3 x Office Supplies and a couple of hats, one white, one black... (would probably drop the black one for another white one in the future).

Oh and now there is a music at the party too. Dj Fenris playing hte tunes of Hayley-install-all-the-resources-Kaplan or Steve-play-all-the-events-5-times-Cambridge.

Mathups where: 3 x Skorp (my only loss), Azmari, Palana, CTM and PE.

My first two games were very rough and I dind't see a single Office Supplies or Earthrise the entire game. In my other ganes thgouh I had the amazing draw I was hoping for and cards just spilled out on the baord.

The idea is bacically control. The Source + Failm Critis, good against spicy agendas, good against Skorp. Tech cards like Guru Davinder win against Net damamge, "breaking" an Anansi for 5 is pretty good (that's 1 for the Nexus trace and 4 for Guru) =)

My Crop deck was CI-NEXT Gold-Baty-Kill it also went 6-1

14 Jul 2018 deliveryman

I was hoping for donot tagnes

15 Jul 2018 Cpt_nice

Fellow Sunny player here. Big congrats on your win!

15 Jul 2018 binnet

@Cpt_niceThank you =) I think I saw you commenting on the stream =)

16 Jul 2018 manveruppd

@deliveryman same! :D

16 Jul 2018 slowreflex

I can see the issue with Skorp with only single Shrikes and Strikers. I'm curious why you have 2 Shermans and 1 of the others though?

17 Jul 2018 binnet

@slowreflex Well Film Critic and The Source deal with Skop, If I see some useless Standoff while The Source is installed I simply don't need to steal it. I run 2 Film Critics and should be able to draw through about half my deck in 5-6 turns so hopefully I see one early. I run 2 Shermans cause Barriers are usually the most common gear-check ICE and the type that can't usually be forced through without a breaker, unlike some sentries and code gates. Ultimately against many corps that can rush it's gonna come down to who has the best draw.

17 Jul 2018 Aesynil

What do you do against 3of Scarcity?

19 Jul 2018 binnet

@AesynilDraw for my 2 currents. Scarcity is less common in the meta right now it seems and most people who play it play it mainly to counter Emp Strike. So as long as you don't show them Film Critic they might not even play it ;) But yeha, it's avery good counter to a deck running more than 50% recources. It's less of a deck killer now though since now there is event-draw, not jsut resoucrce-draw. You could go up to 3rd current if you want I guess if Scarcity is prevelant in your meta.

31 Jul 2018 Logia

@binnet Any thoughts on adding a Divide and Conquer? The inf is high, but it's ridiculous with Turning Wheel and/or Black Hat. Corps have no other reason to ice up Archives against Sunny, so the unexpected blowout potential is high.