Jinteki Gambling ( 3 - 0 at the August Startup Tournament )

Degeneral_BFM 34

First, thanks to Ysengrin for running this tournament !
I highly recommend it !

The deck


This list contains an equilibrate range of value and bluff. First step is to protect central servers, especially R&D, 3 engram should be good.
Never protect remote.

Then you just install-adv-adv whatever you have in hand.
But i recommand to firstly install a 2 pointers, in order to show to the runner that you have some guts.

Early Hok can be great, you will earn point in psychological warfare.
Hokusai on R&D (if you feel that 3 engrams might not be enough).

Never loose hope with this deck, the runner can always make a mistake and then ...


You will win the Pot !

8 Aug 2021 Icezox

So balanced. I like your range. What do you qualify as your 3 bets?

8 Aug 2021 belazor

Nicely done!

Would have liked a strategy monograph on which card type to name with Engram, but hey, can't ask for too much.

I think the advice I'd give to anyone facing this list is not to bet pot in the dark with your Botulus; you might just snipe the Magnet.