[Startup] Ayla needs to touch grass

NotAgain 487

Netrunner revolves around three things: money, money & money.

All you need to do is use your plants to attract insects to chop & mince.

Delicious agendas ahoy!

Legitimate explanation: Short version is: to get your rig set up for cheap with World Tree all the while using Mayflys to run remotes and steal agendas with the occasional central access if Info Bounty hits. That is, until your rig is set up. Normally you want conduit to be the last program you install as you want the corp to focus their ice on remotes or HQ so that you can peacefully dig around R&D end game. It is fairly easy to have the entire rig set up by 5 turns with a constant stream of econ.

Running with Into The Depths while Mayfly & World Tree are installed can net you 2 of your 5 required programs, that is if you haven't drawn them already since there is enough draw here that you will at least have one of your needed program since the very start. Try to save Test Runs for rigshooting as opposed to tutoring unless you're really desperate.

Ever have the moment when you draw and feel like you did not want this card right now? Gone is that feeling since every card here has its use in any given situation and you would never be disappointed no matter what you draw.

Multiaccess? Check. Breaking ice for the bare minimum? Check. Printing money? Check. Competent pilot? Missing

18 Jan 2023 Oddball

Thanks for sharing your updated list @NotAgain! I'm excited to give it a try.

19 Jan 2023 famebyproxy

@NotAgain This is a bit similar to an Ayla deck I've been brewing (same general idea and breaker suite), but I'm super interested in this collection of Resources you have going. Thanks for the idea share!

20 Jan 2023 Diogene

This is a rich idea! I'm currently testing it and iterating from it.

Here is a suggestion that I'm testing : instead of Pennyshaver, use Brain Chip, to get extra hand size and MU all in one chip.

Thanks for sharing!

26 Jan 2023 #endgame

Brain Chip is not in startup.