Wonderwoman (4-1, 7th@APAC)

bing005 276

Been working on this deck for a while.

In the tournament;

Beat Icepisma's R+ Beat Foilflaw's Sports Beat Spaceices' Prav Lost to Maninthemoon's OB Beat Enkoder's Acme

It's always fun to play and seems to do pretty decent in swiss.

Hotpursuit has great one-two synergy with archive trash.

Hotpursuit is also very handy on apoc turns and for stealing belonas.

Apoc is always good when playing a diverse field and provides options throughout the game.

Obelus is nice tech for boom and can tech out a number of matchups.

22 Aug 2022 maninthemoon

I was honored to take your one loss <3 WP, and congrats!

20 Sep 2022 Bl4nk3t

Took your deck to 11th place in German Nationals '22 - it was a blast to play. I consider it the landmark anarch style for a competitive Runner at the moment (with Hoshipko failing mainly on the account of just not being that much in the destructive anarch spirit ;) )

21 Sep 2022 Bl4nk3t

Tournament Report for German Nationals 2022 (Runner perspective)

  • Round1: got swept by the excellent @Feathermark on PE and Captain Padma. PE managed to kill me with a Claeringhouse for 4 Damage (no Steelskin) +Agendascore PE damage

  • R2: Corp Split against @gegenzeit on Sportsmetal and Steve

  • Sports was running away with the game with fast advancements left and right - I stole a Megaprix and a Vitruvius I think

  • R3: Draw and Runner Win against @Synisill on Ob and Tao

    • it was a vegan Ob, and our match went a little long, Apoc'd once early, and was thinking about the second, when I scored the winning agenda on my way to the 'lypse (either HQ or R&D).
  • R4: swept fellow Teammate from the day before @114141 now on PD and Hoshiko - always sad to face someone from your meta, since you won't both be able to win.

    • PD was flooded pretty badly only exacerbated by the prospect of apoc, which didn't hit the table because it was over on steal before the third apoc run
  • R5: swept @ataraxis (PE; Hoshiko )

    • On the upset of the day during the PE match, I ran Archives with 4 cards in grip - one being Steelskin, a Anemone got rezzed, discarding a card - bringing my Alice down to 2 cards (still 1 Steelskin) - I decided to access and force another trash from HQ. I got thrown a Sting (and ataraxis already had 1 scored) - the issue of trigger order (PE first, or Sting) was brought up to a Judge and it was ruled that PE would trigger second - guaranteeing a hit of Steelskin. Since we continued on the day, Alice was making life hard for Jinteki ultimately winning on time. On the following day we learned (and informed the judge) that they trigger in the same step, and since they are both effects controlled by the corp, the corp may choose the order. So ataraxis could have chosen to trigger the PE damage first, giving me a 50/50 chance to die to Sting right at that moment. The more you know.