Click me (1st @ Bratislava Regionals, 5-2)

Korrigan 339

Click Bait

This is the deck I took to Bratislava regionals past Saturday and won with. I was practicing Lock Hayley on the day before and played against AgInfusion for the first time – it was a nightmare and I was inspired to create my own take on it.

Let’s start by addressing the elephant in the room:

Ruhr Valley I’ve been asked “But it’s 6 to rez – do you ever use it?” and I honestly think this card is the MVP of the deck! Combined with the ID (and/or ELP/Caprice) it creates scoring windows. The dream is Ruhr + ELP + ID: they run the remote for 3 clicks, you redirect them and they can’t run again. But even if it’s just Ruhr – you see their boardstate and they would have to spend their whole turn trying to get in.

Jackson Howard You probably want 3. Find a way to get the third in there :) I think I only used Friends in High Places 1 or 2 times over the course of the whole tournament - maybe that should be the JH.

Caprice Nisei She shines when the runner plays Employee Strike instead of Rumor Mill. Aside from that scenario I actually prefer Ruhr valley: for 6 rez you get a guaranteed 2 lost clicks and a 4 trash while caprice is 2-4 (rez+psi) for a gamble and a 1 trash (no synergy with ID)

ICE I’m not sure if Mind Game is a good include but I couldn’t decide on a replacement in the short time I had to build and try this deck. It’s great it the runner always breaks it – it can be a burden if the runner doesn’t. Chiyashi, DNA tracker, Komainu or Excalibur are your go-to outermost ICE choices (for later redirecting) depending on match up. Excalibur + Mother Goddess + ID can lock out non-AI runners.

Weaknesses Extra clicks, ICE destruction/derez, econ denial (although the ID is resilient against Account Siphon/Vamp/...) – The decks only full loss was against a derez Gabe rebirthed into Los (+timed loss against Leela that I conceded into a full loss for extra SoS). I also faced a Siphon Whizzard (with Employee Strike) – despite Planned Assault Account Siphon turn 1 on unprotected HQ I managed to hold on and in the end kill him with Philotic Entanglement when he ran out of cards.

19 Jun 2017 qvm

Ruhr Valley winning a regionals. What a time to be alive!

Joking aside, the guaranteed waste of three clicks when running a remote, together with having to spend two more to run it again must be brutal. Excited to give this a spin on jnet.

One of the more interesting AgInfusion builds that have popped up so far.

19 Jun 2017 percomis

Can confirm, deck is a menace and obliterated my Hayley in the finals. Congrats on the win and especially with Ruhr Valley :)

19 Jun 2017 Matuszczak

Congrats, fellow AgInfusion enthusiast!

19 Jun 2017 moistloaf

deck is wild, I'm loving all the ag experiments. Grats!

20 Jun 2017 Longi

I have not seen such an entertaining final game for a long time. Congrats Markus on your victory and refreshing deck-build.

21 Jun 2017 ANRguybrush

how good is chimera?

21 Jun 2017 Sanjay

I love this.

I shared it on the netrunner subreddit so more people could see. Hope that's okay.

21 Jun 2017 Korrigan

@guy.brush Even though it doesn't look that useful in an AI-heavy meta it's usually good for one of two things:

  1. you rez it to end the run or force a breaker
  2. you use your ID to trash it and redirect

The fact that it derezzes itself after 1. makes it even more useful for 2.

6 Jul 2017 cwoac

(a?) Swordsman over mindgame, perhaps? or is Chiashi enough hate? Presumably now you can get the third jackson point by swapping in Obokata Protocol.