why not both? (8th @ Euros)

twisty_b 651

Pretty standard rush-kill Argus, an archetype now so well established that even terrible deckbuilders like me can tinker around the edges without breaking anything important. Most of the ice slots changed over the weeks leading up to Euros, and for a while I was sure that I was going to play two IP Blocks instead of either a Data Raven or a Hard-Hitting News. But eventually I decided that this was Not Good.

Then I noticed that @tolaasin's version of the deck had one Ice Wall …

… and @osclate's version had one Tithonium …

… and thought to myself: why not both?

It turns out that the answer to this question is: you'll rez Tithonium exactly once, and you'll do so not to destroy the rig of the foolish criminal, as you had hoped, but because you'd like an ETR to score behind. Could have been another Ice Wall. Would have been cheaper. Or another Mausolus. Might have been better.

Anyway, went 4-1 over two days. Beat 419, Liza (with tag removal! not fair!), and Freedom in Swiss, then — after 4 rounds of intense IDing — overcame another Freedom in the tie-breaker to make the top cut proper. Then lost to Leela after a slightly odd start, some sub-optimal ice placement, and some excellent credit management and all-round play from my opponent. Kudos @saintis.

Thanks to all my opponents, everybody I met whether for the first time or the fiftieth, and most of all to the magnificent people of NISEI. There are few things I like better than hanging around with all you beautiful nerds playing this silly-sublime card game, and the fact that I can still do that, on this scale, with this many people all having this much fun, makes me very happy indeed.

2 Jun 2019 osclate

I like the thinking! I think I'd cut Afshar before Mausolus, though. Congrats on a great performance!

3 Jun 2019 twisty_b

@osclate cheers :) and looking back I think you're right, I don't think I was ever particularly pleased to see Afshar.