Not the Solution (American Continentals 5-0, 9th in Swiss)

atc123 98

People have been complaining about the lack of diversity amongst strong corps. I tried to make a competitive Ag list for some red representation. It went undefeated on the day, but seems to be a bit unfun to play against, hence the deck name. I would personally rather play against a bunch of PD’s and sports than this

This deck carried me to 7th in swiss after a 6th round ID, and I had to play a tiebreak round to stay in the cut (my apoc Loup did ok at 3-2 but had some very close wins and losses).

In tiebreak, my runner was decidedly outplayed by an NEH (I had done zero prepping for yellow assets) and was so close to my first ever cut of a tourney!


Deck starts out a bit durdly, but due to very low agenda density, sprint, spin doctor, deck rarely floods. Daily quests do force the runner to do something, as I rarely try to score agendas early.

I think the card that really makes this deck work is Send a Message. Such a good money card regardless of scored/stolen, and synergizes with Ag letting me rez ice without runner participation. Allows me to slot less money cards. Now 6/7 agendas are very painful to steal. A turn 1 runner 3pt steal is usually a huge setback… until it means an HQ chiyashi rez. Now the runner stops running rashidas/quests for a while for fear of boops.

Most ice are either 0 cost or 8+ cost. 0 costers like vanilla help immensely in the early game when Ag struggles the most. Mind game is a questionable include, but I’ve found that when I’m at 8+ credits, even with no big ice rezzed, ppl usually break it as they are scared of getting an Anansi rezzed in their face.

Mid to late game the mindgame/vanillas become a bit useless, that’s where Divert Power comes in. Really wanted to slot 2 of these but needed the inf #17notenough. I have so many 0 or 1 cost cards (rashida, ngo, anoetic, daily quest) that it’s usually quite easy to get a good refund. Divert power does so much:

1)Its is a money card

2) lets me force an outermost rez for ag’s ability, even when the runner is trying to avoid it

3) derezzes cheap innermost ice to become pseudo-border controls when gear checks no longer needed.

4) get extra draw from spin doctor

Feels so good to take that innermost vanilla that I rushed a rashida behind turn 1, and now it's back in an unrezzed state for a big scoring turn with taxing ice piled on top.

I slotted 1x ark lockdown to not get blown out by hivemind max, with so much expensive ice. Goal is to RFG tranquilizer, 2nd best turtle 3rd best a few simulchips. Thankfully saw no hivemind on the day as there was very little if any representation by the time our tourney came around. Turned out to still be quite useful at RFG-ing paperclips.

The apoc maxx matchup is especially durdly, as it tends to be correct to do nothing, dodge any apocs, then score obokata or kill with snare when maxx runs out of cards. Was not a friend-gaining strat but was effective

Did not face 419 on the day but feel the matchup is winnable, since it's not too hard to lock out turtle, dodge DoF, and macrophage is relevant. Getting down early rezekis would probably favor 419.

Game1: Apoc Maxx: durdle plan, maxx unfortunately milled all labor rights, empty deck, no obo’s off the table yet so was gonna be tough needing to steal 2/2 remaining non-obo’s and died to an HQ snare.

Game 2: 90 card maxx: local player (we’re both from Denver) that I had played before, knew there was Hippo but no Apoc, so protected all my big ice. Even tho 90 cards, unluckily all 3 paperclips were milled into the bin by turn 8, and swiftly RFG’d before rezzing any barriers

Game 3: FTM Inside Job Hoshiko-very interesting Hoshiko by ArminFirecracker but was very run based, seemed pretty in my favor. His econ couldn’t sustain with all servers quickly sealed and no hippos. Could Ag-boop fear the masses runs off of HQ.

Game 4: Reg Adam-really interesting game where I had a terrible draw, with 8 points in hand by turn 2. was able to reset things sneaking out an early longevity serum. had some big ice rezzed, but mid-game Adam swept hand with TTW for SaM, got down rezeki, 3x multithreader for massive drip. Was fairly tight entire way, but turning point was near the end, hit a snare last click leaving with a tag. I was able to trash a Reclaim that was his solution for previously binned Odore and Corroder, as Engolo was only breaker on the table. Should of also trashed TTW but just totally missed it. Did a nervewracking TTW dig + jailbreak to see 4 cards off RND, got an Obo now up to 6 points. At this point was able to diver power an anansi atop RND already with 2x chiyashi so RND is sealed. The divert unrezzed an innermost ice on an already taxing remote, and Adam is out of cards and options. Very tight one

Game 5: Apoc Harmony Wu-probably most fun game where runner had massive econ, but I was able to push through an early SaM to rez Chiyashi on HQ, and next turn ark lock down paperclip, so all boops cost 8 creds from Engolo or 4 net damage. Was a long-ish grind where Wu was able to keep remote down most of the game, generating massive econ with rezeki, flame out MKultra, Harmony AR therapy recurring money cards over again. But apoc was off the table with no out of ashes, and eventually multiple barriers on centrals.

Although I’m sure the deck was not amazing fun to play against, I certainly had a blast against my opponents. Had some really interesting decisions to make time and again, and I was always surprised at how ppl found ways into what I thought was an unbreakable remote

Thanks to Nisei for an awesome event. They continue to do an amazing job keeping a phenomenal game alive

30 Aug 2021 ArminFirecracker

I really was hoping to meet no Jinteki with my Hosh. But it was a great AgInfusion Split in round 3. :=)

Have you considered playing something like Cyberdex Sandbox instead of Longevity Serum?

Have you considered including Hansei Review? Yes, sometimes the discard it can be tough. Without Daily Quest and Send a Message my Ag really needed the credits.

Against good runners, I tend to loose the Daily Quests and then my economy is down. Did you have similar experience? Did you also push it just behind a 0c ice?

30 Aug 2021 ArminFirecracker

All 3 AgInfusions placed in the top 18. It was the right call for the meta.

30 Aug 2021 Saja_PL

Congratulations on the result and thanks again for the games.

30 Aug 2021 atc123

@ArminFirecracker CS may be nice with my macrophages, but a few times the agenda-burying feature of Longevity Serum was very helpful, and unadvanced cards rarely get run. Slots were really tight, and with aggressive use of anoetic I felt Hansei would be too much. And yes players had best chance when they took down my DQ at all cost, but it often was very taxing. I generally only pushed it behind strong ice unless turn 1 or 2. Sometimes giving up an early SaM to facilitate a big remote rez. There were certainly some click for credit turns but I never felt too down on money. Was so fun playing another Ag!! Glad to see Red with a better showing than expected

30 Aug 2021 atc123

@Stoned44 likewise! Would have loved to see your some of your other Adam games

30 Aug 2021 CryptoGraham

Wow, I love this deck. This is fantastic!

31 Aug 2021 Agasha

AgArmy. I prefer a bit faster build that this, but that's probably because have taste preferences against potato-y decks. This seems a bit like that, but not egregiously so. Snare! include seems a bit odd to me - I assume most people will try to end runs with 4+ anticipating Obokata. . . so is it there for tempo / potato punishment? Congrats on the excellent placement.

1 Sep 2021 atc123

@Agasha thanks! Ends up only being potatoe-y against Maxx, while the snares are mostly for Maxx or other anarch’s trying to imp Obos when their stack is out. Snare occasionally opens Obo scoring windows. Other matchups are definitely not fast, but runners don’t usually mill out unless they start letting big ice fire.

18 Dec 2021 DonLoverGate

Jinteki glacier players unite!

What do you think about Gene Splicer as a back-up 7th point?

18 Dec 2021 atc123

@DonLoverGate would definitely be worth testing, yes. Probably as a one of as slots are pretty tight, but not too hard to recur if trashed