Freq 6

30 Jul 2014 wswan

Are you planning on using Data Dealer to sell off actual agendas? Or just Shi Kyus? If it's a meta choice, good on you, but otherwise I'd cut it down to one as selling your actual agendas is not a great move. You still want to win. I played a game once where I stole a Government Contracts first turn but that was my own fault for running early, so my Iain ability never kicked. I would never have sold it off, though. If need be, you could kind of use Data Dealer like a stimhack and sell a 1-point agenda if you know you can get more or something better, but that's not exactly going to be a common occurrence.

30 Jul 2014 Freq

Yeah, the stimhack-like case is what I was imagining the DD to be useful for here, I think you're right about only needing one, then, though; it's definitely an edge case. Thanks for the feedback!