Breached Dome_ Mlinzki (4-0, #1 Kiel GNK)

lostgeek 3375

This deck is a weird one... Play it on or in any environment, where your opponents don't care much about losing and you'll lose. Play it in a tournament and people are way too scared to contest your board state and you'll win.

The general idea is to tax the Runner on clicks/cards rather than credits. Once you've got Enhanced Login Protocol up, they can only check up to 2 remotes per turn. With Jeeves Model Bioroids you can pump out much more than that.

Jeeves has three modes in this deck:

Jeeves Level ClearanceShipment from Jeeves

And against credit denial decks:

Jeeves Campaign

The trick is to keep spamming stuff on the board even after you've gotten some Agendas on there. Leaving unrezzed servers opens the Runner up to check them once you score the first Viral Weaponization and be greeted by Psychic Fields, Snares and Breached Domes.

Once House of Knives is scored, this opens up great scoring windows, where you can openly score an Obokata Protocol, since they need 3 to get into your remote and lose 2 cards on the way to HoK. And if you can not do it openly, there's always the 1x Biotic Labor to score it together with Jeeves.

28 Feb 2019 Bl4nk3t

these images for the Jeeves "Modes" - ^_^ I lol'd. I really like the synergy of House of Knives and Philotic with the Team Sponsorships. Any thoughs on swapping some Pad Campaigns for Shipments from Tennin ?

1 Mar 2019 lostgeek

@Bl4nk3t: This deck needs econ badly and PAD Campaigns are good to steal 3 and 4 from the Runner without them making much progress. Also if they don't run for a turn, you just score some agendas from the board with Jeeves ;-) That typically generates enough of a motivation for them to run and take Snare, Breached Dome and House of Knives damage.

11 Mar 2019 Galdor

Maybe Lockdown?

16 Apr 2019 nandemo

Psychic Field is great in a 419-heavy meta.