2lat2syuk (3-1 - 1st Canberra GNK)

Gizmaluke 216

I built this deck after failing multiple times to use a bunch of Downfall cards in a new deck. I settled on this and have found it a really fun deck with lots of interesting decision points.

In early testing both Lat and The Artist seemed to struggle if I had to work too hard for them. Then I figured that if I could wind those abilities into what I wanted to do anyway, that I'd be clicklessly making 2c and a card each turn. There is nearly always a line of play to trigger Lat without making an inefficient or strategically poor line of play. If the corp wants to run down to 1 or 2 cards to dodge your ability, they are slowing the game which is great for this deck.

If you can, focus on setting up quickly as much as possible and just making the most efficient plays possible. Use your Shaper BS to block scores, slow the corp down, avoid death, and dodge spending resources on ruses. Just rush the late-game while hopefully picking up a point or two when the corp attempts to score.

The drip econ in this deck combined with the finishing power of four Khusyuk's mean that this deck is great late game. I had previously tried The Source and other cards to slow the corp in order to reach the late game. However I found shortening the mid-game to be the much more effective approach.

Have fun! Happy running :)