Salonga Bowser [Startup]

phlip45 263

This deck went 2-1 at a startup Tournament with 12 participants. Game I lost was my fault for running too aggressively against PE.

Throw Away Phones and Hexa-bird-agon provide you with a ton of extra value from your 16 Econ Events. Most of these are going to be obvious why you want them but lets talk about a few of the weirdos.

Dreams of Doggos is 10 extra hit points against PE. For glacier it helps get your key pieces back if the game goes extra long. Otherwise this gets played when you don't need anything else in your deck but money, so it turns your deck into mainly gas.

Typewriter will generally be used the same turn you were going to blink a program anyways. With a Prepaid out, it is a Sure Gamble and half a Diesel at the same time. With Aniccam out, it is a Diesel with an Easy Mark attached. Worst case you trash your Mantle and don't feel too bad about it.

Ghost Unions I generally like playing this on second click. Playing it on 2nd click with 4 cards in hand and 7 - 8 credits puts the corp in a tough spot. Playing this with two Prepaids means we get 6 credits which is just a ton. On the other hand, drawing 4 cards will give us the gas to get rich next turn.

Scuba Steve looks like econ, and sometimes it is, but Sometimes it is secretly your extra 3 copies of Conduit. It is also your Self-modifying Code at 2 credits cheaper, that potentially draws you a card (with Prepaid or Birb installed).

Questionable Include is questionable. Mainly this is a toy Plane or Gun that gives you a real one the next turn. Came in handy in one game against Game Of Thrones which costs 3 plane tokens.

Breaking Cheap
Propeller gets through almost every barrier for incredibly cheap. With a Rainbow Dust Mite out it get through any single ice for pennies. It is almost never wrong to play your propeller.

Revolver. See Above, only more expensive in install cost, and influence cost.

Techno Wisp is there for the big ice in the late game. If there is a server you must get into early game, use your gun planes if you can. Keep in mind that as A Great Magician your clothes are black. Oops. I mean you move the biggest ice somewhere out of the way.

Getting to Seven
The Twinning is broken. Phones trigger Twinning. Use Twinning to pressure HQ so they have to throw an ice down you can move around with your ID. Combine it with Conduit for that extra deep dig last click. Just don't do that against Murder Tree.

This deck is a blast to play.

7 Aug 2022 Hamsan

Not really sure about the deck, but that doesn't matter – have a like for deck name and card names. Great writeup!

8 Aug 2022 TyrellCorp

+1 on the alternate card names, quality.