Requiem For A Runner (Cardboard Gaming Snake Draft)

SnarkAttack 44

Fame is a dangerous thing.

As soon as possible, you toss an agenda, any agenda, into a single ICEd remote with a Casting Call. The runner will see it. The runner will want it. But they have a decision to make.

Do they watch it, silently wishing they had the courage to break in and take it? Then you do it again. And again. Until they have to stop you.

Or do they go for the bait, stepping into the limelight, their arms held high in triumph? Let's see if those raised hands can catch the missile headed towards their recently acquired home address.

Fame is a dangerous thing.

This was my corp deck for the Cardboard Gaming Snake Draft on 6/26/17. The deck just spews agendas out onto the table behind 1-2 as quickly as possible. You should be able to get the first one behind a single ICE (helped that I had drafted Inside Job on the runner side, so nothing to worry about there). For the second one, you ideally want to get it down with a Casting Call attached, and put a second piece of ICE that either ETRs and is a different subtype than the first, or will give them a tag. Eventually, they're going to start having to take tags or let you score out (which is not so hard in draft), and you can just Consulting Visit/Scorch them down. All the money in this deck comes from agendas, so if you aren't scoring by turn 3, you're probably going to be broke.


When drafting, I started with Corporate Sales Team and Pad Campaign (which didn't make it) to get a feel for where everyone else was at. When it came back to me, only Altas had been taken from Weyland, so I grabbed Oaktown and Hostile and ran with it. SEA Source and Scorched because that was the kill left to me, Casting Call for mega tags, and Argus because it fit the game plan, I love it, and only one person could be running Aaron. The ICE was half drafted, half "Wait, where's all my ETR?". Chimera was the unsung hero, coming in undrafted and really helping with a Mother Goddess lockout.


Round 1 -Win vs. Andy (scoring out). Scored a Hostile turn 1, Corporate Sales Team turn 3 (behind Vanilla), and another Hostile turn 5. After that I jammed an Oaktown and scored it overadvanced for some cash, and closed out by overwriting Vanilla with a Mother Goddess and slamming another Corporate Sales Team behind it.

Round 2 - Win vs. Noise (turn 3 flatline). Tossed a Prisec and agenda behind a single piece of ICE and started advancing. He dropped Crypsis, clicked it once and ran in click 3, taking 2 tags from Argus and Prisec. Scorched Earth sealed the deal.

Round 3 - Loss to CT. CT was heavily teched against meat damage with Public Sympathy and Plascrete, and was running Stimshop. Misplayed by not doubling up Spiderwebs on the remote to tax out Lady counters, and missed a good purge on Mediums, but my opponent piloted well enough that I'm not sure either of those things would have swung the game.

I was actually shocked at how well this deck did, but not having Aaron and adequate meat damage protection made its job a lot easier. I'll remember it fondly, but it's probably not getting re-sleeved anytime soon.