[NSG] Borealis Schmorealis (5-0 — 1st in NSG-Only Async)

Ams 86

Parhelion Schmarhelion and Midnight Sun Schmidnight Schmun

When I signed up for the tournament I attempted to build the best decks available while the banlist was just a sparkle in the eye of a GLC Discord thread. Though after putting together my Runner deck I didn't have the energy to work out how to make Nani-Týr work so I just revived my old Ashes PD list and updated it with a grand total of 0 Parhelion cards.

For those not in the know, you install all your upgrades in one remote then seamless out your 4/2s, returning the combo to hand each time with your ID. If the Runner plays boat, Turbine, or any other bs you also cycle your NACs.

Maybe there's a version of this that runs Cyberdex and some purge support, but this deck kept winning games so I kept not changing it and here we are.

This deck won every game it played, which is possibly telling about its power level. I can't really say if Vacheron needs a ban since I barely saw it, but even so (as I said in my Runner write-up) most people in this tournament weren't playing the overpowered decks. I kept expecting to be matched against another boat Lat but instead I saw Kit, Az, Ayla, and Esâ. There's not much data here on balance in a highly-competitive meta and whether the people who'll play this format even need a banlist remains to be seen.