Mighty Nein Nisei Tokens - GNK winner

CodeMarvelous 20001

@steve_rhino is the genius who created the core concept of this deck which I riffed off and changed about eight cards.


What is better than a paltry three Nisei tokens? Nine Nisei tokens. You need to be able to tell those peasant runners what they can do after breaking all your ice.

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This deck helped me win the Philly GNK and it an absolute blast for exactly one person to play


The core idea of this deck is to have the ice, identity, and server configuration that is the most punishing to Crowdfunding decks and Anarchs breakers.

It utilizes certain legacy elements of RP strategy but it does not do asset spam, there are no servers without ice. Usually, Sundew goes into the scoring remote until I am ready to score and PAD Campaign goes into a remote with an Envelope or a Thimblerig if you are against Anarch.

In fact, at the tournament, the only game I lost was because I put a Pad out naked and it enabled my opponent to recur crowdfunding and get Aumakua counters.


So here we are, The Might Nein Nisei Tokens.

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1x Fetal AI is occupying the slot that usually contains Philotic Entanglement. It is a better slot here because it does the damage on access, I have gotten maybe half a dozen flatlines with this deck because of how many cards runners lose during remote runs. Also, playing glacier, sometimes they get to the end and they can't afford to steal it, so they take the damage and don't get the agenda.

3x Nisei MK II is the most compelling reason to play Jinteki, but especially glacier. It is a fantastic agenda, the best 4/2 in the game, with a powerful effect and many opportunities for bluffs and impactful plays.

3x Obokata Protocol is why we are Jinteki: Replicating Perfection and not Mti Mwekundu: Life Improved. Our mission is to make the game go long and tax cards by making our opponent run through Kakugo until they can't afford the mandatory net damage. That is the secret of why Jinteki is the only viable glacier right now, there is no way to make runs cost enough to keep a runner out on credits, but you can easily and consistently tax cards.

Our goal in life is for our opponent to frequently waste huge sums of credits and 2-4 cards worth of net damage without being able to get the agenda.

alt text

1x The Future Perfect is keeping our agenda density low at a total of 8. It also protects itself, so it is an obvious include. We take any card that makes the runner break our ice more than once to get it.



1x Breached Dome is so we can commit one DNA Tracker or Anansi to archives. Secure in the knowledge that with the cost and the damage, the runner will not be hitting archives to recur Crowdfunding. It is also wonderful incidental damage.

3x NGO Front is a card we can bluff in the scoring remote to force them to break an ice on a central and then our remote. Unless I smell a Falsified Credentials or a Hacktivist I do not prerez. Any opportunity to force the runner through everything burns precious money cards and HP from them. Sometimes if I am enough ahead, I won't even rez if they have hacktivist so that they definitely come through. I will spend 2 clicks and 2 credits to have them waste all that resource checking.

3x PAD Campaign is dependable drip that is just expensive enough that if you put it behind one good ice it will never be trashed. In most games I only have one in play at a time, Never play them naked unless the runner has no cards that benefit from multiple runs.

3x Sundew is a card I deeply missed. It is great money that puts a lot of pressure on the runner. I put it into the scoring remote until I am ready to score. I hold the other ones back until after the score. If they are going to take my primary economy I want them to break the Kakugo and a huge central ice.



1x Ash 2X3ZB9CY is the honorable mention 10th Nisei token. It is a good card TM. It is great in a deck like ours where the runner is frequently poor and we are rich. Three times during the tournament, people accessed it and couldn't afford to trash it.

3x Bio Vault are Nisei tokens four, five and six. I adore this card, it is great to bluff as a Nisei or an Obokata. If they check it and trash it with one advancement that is a huge win for you. Cards and resources wasted on a run with no value for the runner besides preventing a canceled run later. Bio Vault also allows you to end ANY RUN, not just one on the server it occupies. That means you can use it to prevent Apocalypse turns, Diversion of Funds, and large multi-access using events or The Turning Wheel.



2x Attitude Adjustment is to prevent the game ending flood that vexes all glacier. This is the key card that Steve_Rhino included that makes the whole deck work. Most runners will assume you are on a 9-11 agenda suite, so when you shuffle two Nisei's back early they foolishly think they have a good chance of stealing them. I have also used this when flooded with four agendas to convince the runner that my HQ is now empty. With this card you can use your taxing ice and low density to let your deck protect you while you build the remote.

3x Hedge Fund and IPO because money is very good in Netrunner and our ICE is very expensive.

1x Preemptive Action is primarily for money cards, Border Control and Bio Vaults.



3x Border Control are the last three Nisei tokens and they are great ones at that. I am hoping with the past few months I don't have to belabor why this card is great. The main play here is after they have run a central, they come into the remote, break this and 1-3 Kakugos and you end the run. This forces them to run the Kakugos again and you may yet have a real Nisei token, ASH, or Bio Vault that ends the run again.

1x Chiyashi Surprises a lot of people, is super taxing for Corroder and destroys Aumakua based decks.

1x Envelope is a damage barrier.

3x Kakugo is the core taxing element of the deck. Against most runners there will be 2-3 on the remote. If I am against an RDI Shaper, one goes on RD.

3x DNA Tracker is hugely taxing and meant to be an outside ice on a central.

3x Thimblerig is to break the back of anyone depending on Black Orchestra. It is also really good against people who use pirate tools. In the first GNK I placed in first with this, I realized they had no actual decoder and went 6 ICE deep on RD and the remote with Thimblerig so they could never access either of those servers again. Thimblerig is also good for rearranging ice into optimal placements if you had a weird ICE draw early.

3x Anansi is an incredible ice for centrals. It is taxing to all breakers that are popular right now. Furthermore, if you are against shaper, try to make a single Anansi the only ice on each centrals. That is 9 to break with Nanotek.

1x Tsurugi taxes via subs, not strength and is a good ice.


That is the deck, it is good and nightmarish good fun.

You can watch me play two rounds with it HERE

Thank you for reading,


28 Jan 2019 Saan

At least for theme, you could have also run Timely Public Release in order to recur the Border Controls, though that almost certainly makes the deck worse, since you'd have to run less Obokatas (which is almost always a worse idea). But the theme, man, the theme!

Either way, I dig it. Good job, dude =)

28 Jan 2019 demoy

After watching the first match Pad Campaign just didn't pull it's weight.. the one put in the scoring remote hardly broke 2 credits profit (and you purge twice that match so strictly worse than Reverse Infection). The second once only made profit because you installed it forgetting (your opponent forgot too) about employee strike (strike don't trash until you scored the Fetal AI several turns later). And even if strike wasn't up your opponent could have just play the third strike and run it 3 times in stead of saving the 4 cards in hand for the last 2 Obakata they could steal in the remote anyway. Since you spent so many turn clicking for credits Shell Corporation might be strictly better. Or Celebrity Gift if your feeling bold.

28 Jan 2019 EnderA

Or possibly Scarcity of Resources would be a better choice, as a counter-current and to slow down runners building a resource engine. Or Marcus Batty for even more end the runs.

1 Mar 2019 JBL

Why is this not compatible with the MWL 3.1?

3 Mar 2019 Blackhaven

was wondering that myself

4 Jan 2021 d4spien

Sorry for hijacking an old post but i dont know if theres a way to pm you here. I am an old player wanting to get back to the game. I was hoping if you can make a decklist for a jinteki:rp deck using the current cardpool without limiting yourself to any restricted or banned list since this will be a casual deck anyway. I would really appreciate your help. Thanks.