The IMC Dynamic Testing Facility (RWR)

PiroARat 50

I've been trying to make a version of Jemison work since right after Tithonium's banning, but it always struggled; I could never slow the runner down enough or set up the unbeatable fork, especially with all the Imps floating around. Anyway Knobkerie is banned and everyone is running fragile rigs now. What better time then for rigshooter / Clearinghouse Jemison to make a return?

This deck is hilarious; you will pull winning Clearinghouses out of nowhere in a paid activation window with Jemison's ability, and sometimes even score out when you've wrecked their rig.

I love Archer. It is my favorite piece of ICE in the game. I built this deck to get to rez/resolve subs on Archer. And the utterly disgusting hand destruction Wake Up Call/Bring Them Home hits for in one turn. Why tax out runners? Money is everywhere; instead deny the entire hand. Most games I've won with the runner sitting on 30-40 credits, and 3-4 cards left in grip and no stack. Eventually, they can't afford the cards to run anymore. Data Loop shuts down multiple same turn accesses on centrals, and Angelique turns it into a deadly mistake if they run with 3 or less cards in hand. Card draw is finite for the runner; the worst thing you could see would be Verbal Plasticity, and Corporate Town can solve that for you.

I'm won a shockingly large amount of games on jinteki with this!