Goodstuff Kit - June GLC Modded Tourney (3-0)

bowlsley 560

[Modded is System Core 19 + the Ashes cycle only]

For June's tournament I figured I'd try going back to my roots and using the IDs I chose in my first ever Modded tournament some 7-odd months ago, to see how my skills as a deckbuilder and player had progressed, and I'm reasonably proud of the result! There's nothing too special here (my corp deck for the same tourney is here), just a collection of good Shaper tools, the best R&D multi-access in the game, and the best Killer, but I'll leave a couple of notes on some of the choices here for anyone who might still be learning the game.

Professional Contacts - It's a ProCo shaper deck, so unsurprisingly, this is the card you want to see in your opening hand. Install it ASAP, draw everything with it, get rich.

Gordian Blade - I chose Gordian over Euler because I've generally found that corps tend to be on the slower, chunkier side in this format, and the the strength of Gordian lasting the whole run pairs nicely with...

Pelangi - Absolutely one of the best cards for Kit. I always have 3 of them and it's still my main Simulchip target to boot. I will use Gordian + Pelangi for as long as I possibly can before even thinking about installing a second breaker.

Battering Ram - This one I was probably overthinking, but my theory was that alongside Gordian, even the biggest servers wouldn't keep me out. As it was, I barely ever installed it, so I probably could have just plumped for a Gauss instead.

Cordyceps - I'm on a bit of an Inversificator spree in Standard at the moment, so that's probably why I included this, but honestly, moving around the more difficult bits of ICE (often onto HQ, where I would rarely run) to make life easier for myself in the long run does pay dividends. 3 credits is a lot to spend on something with limited uses, so I don't throw it around liberally like I do Pelangi, but I think it earned its place for when I did needed it.

Many thanks to Dirjel for organising the tournament, and the rest of the GLC Discord server for all the fun I've had there! See you all again for July's version.