They always slip (4-0 and 5-0 at German Nationals)

Longi 1651

This is basically the same deck that helped me win Slavic Nationals roughly a month ago. The detailed description can be found here With the release of new set I only switched one Surveyor for Winchester and I am super happy with that choice. I still keep all three IPOs and two Toobigto_fail as all the money ensure that I never have to click for credits and therefore slow down my rush plan.

Regarding the deck name...I was trying persuade my Czech fellas that Argus is not that over-powered as they maintained. That to defeat it you mostly only need to play carefully and with the regard to your total credit level. The only problem comes when you succumb to the tempo stress Argus is trying to establish and make mistake. The problem is that somewhere along the game people always make a mistake...THEY ALWAYS SLIP.

At German nationals the deck performed really well again. On Friday it went 4–0 in the King of Servers, on Saturday it went went 5 – 0 during the main tournament. Unfortunately, in 6th round, when we played „2 for 1“ game, I had to play runner that underperformed for me the whole day.

I also gave this build to my mates @Mildesorte and @tp and they both went 5 – 1 with it on Saturday.

Lastly, I want to thank the organisers of the German Nationals (especially to @5n00p1) for allowing me to spend three amazing days in the best game community I ever encountered.

13 Jan 2020 t.p

It was a blast to play with this deck @Longi! Without your deckbuilding skills I wouldn't got so far on the turnament. Thanks.

13 Jan 2020 Longi

Well, that is a bit of an overstatement, but thank you nevertheless :D