Sweet DreamNets (Top of Swiss Nisei BLM Tournament)

goodjobphil 383

Corp deck here

Pretty much the same thing I played in Store Champs - go see Ghost Meat's write-up for the words "Stargate is just obviously incredible" - but with -2 Film Critic +1 Labor Rights +1 Boomerang. Labor Rights should probably be something else, but Stargate got trashed enough that I was glad I had it.

3 Boomerang makes it feel like I can use them more aggressively, it got through some early Ice Walls, Hortums and Border Controls for cheeky Stargate runs or remote snipes. PoemuKeiko is a crazy good money engine, many Daily Casts and Liberated Accounts weren't paid for, 10/10 would economy again. Conversely, I don't think I installed Trickster Taka all day.

All three of my losses were 7-4 down to Weyland rush decks (1 Titan, 1 Argus and then another Titan in the cut). I'm not sure what the best thing to combat those decks is, I remember Freedom trashing Audacity being good but I don't think I'd want to give up Shiro, and Imp feels pretty bad without any other virus synergy. My only other thought was Wanton Destruction, but if you want to install a Boomerang first, then it's only going to be 2 cards. Maybe it's time for some HyperDestruction...

Huge thanks to RC, Akira and ElZilcho for an impeccable tournament.

2 Jul 2020 Ghost Meat

Haha, glad you liked my statement about Stargate. Nice tweaks to the list here. :)