The Grug Brained Runner

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this collection of thoughts on running gathered by grug brain runner

grug brain runner not so smart, but grug brain runner run many long click and learn some things although mostly still confused

grug brain runner try collect learns into small, easily digestible and funny writeup, not only for you, the young grug, but also for them because as grug brain runner get older they forget important things, like what click it is or start turn trigger

big brained runners are many, and some not expected to like this, make sour face

THINK they are big brained runners many, many more, and more even definitely probably maybe not like this, many sour face (such is jnet)

(note: grug once think big brained but learn hard way)

is fine!

is free server sort of and end of day not really matter too much, but grug hope you fun reading and maybe learn from many, many mistake grug make over long running life

The Eternal Enemy: Complexity

apex predator of grug is complexity

complexity bad

say again:

complexity very bad

you say now:

complexity very, very bad

given choice between complexity or one on one against stegodon, grug take stegodon: at least grug see stegodon

complexity is spirit demon that enter deck through well-meaning but ultimately very clubbable non grug-brain runners and deck builders who not fear complexity spirit demon or even know about sometime

one day deck understandable and grug can play game, everything good!

next day impossible: complexity demon spirit has deck and very dangerous situation!

grug no able see complexity demon, but grug sense presence in deck

club not work on demon spirit complexity and bad idea actually hit runner who let spirit in with club: sometimes grug themself!

sadly, often grug themself

so grug say again and say often: complexity very, very bad


old wise runner say: runner have inevitability

but this hard now since orb gone

corp win game well and tax runner lots

so runner needs win game

shaper have very strong wincon so play shaper

wincon need click so get help from genius invention and music people

but what if corp play around wincon? then play legwork!


install breakers expensive and slow

grug not want install breaker

kit make ice code gate so play kit and strong decoder

grug choose kicker, kicker very strong breaker, lewd picture also strong but grug not own lewd picture

Also grug win zebra kicker, zebra kicker very pretty

(note: grug not sure if kick like zebra or kick the zebra)


grug choose aniccam because card draw good

but grug find aniccam bad memchip late

grug talk to other kit friend, other kit friend say play 3 aniccam! other kit player wise, listen to other kit player

grug also think 2 pantograph good because pantograph install more genius invention and then more wincon

grug try swift too! swift good but grug only have fingers number inf

Corp choice

grug say complexity very bad but choose ob as corp

grug respond: obobobobobobobobob

Other changes

far away friend say synthgland good card for wincon! grug agree but synthgland lose cards and corps want kill often! synthgland exciting and dangerous!

extra friend want try airblade but extra friend play funhouse (grug not understand card: funhouse not fun for grug)


you say: complexity very, very bad

13 Nov 2023 rongydoge

decklist of the year

13 Nov 2023 anarchomushroom

complexity very, very bad

13 Nov 2023 rapanui

I concur with Grug.

13 Nov 2023 AceEmpress

grug have 4 points and about to go swimming

grug legwork

grug use dice first time

grug find newspaper

newspaper give corp two cards of news

corp now have six cards

grug roll five card dice

grug about to access (grug would see gun but grug not know that and corp have mask so not react)

grug count corp cards

grug realise roll wrong dice

grug roll new dice

new dice says different card

grug make gamers sad

grug save money from not install breakers

grug win

conclusion - complexity very, very bad

(or, the story of my game in top cut vs this deck)

13 Nov 2023 izzy

Finally, a shaper deck that makes sense!

13 Nov 2023 PiCat314

My god... DJ Fenris for Sable... I love it

13 Nov 2023 ExtraC

Grug smart, play game quick, get time for cookie, no head hurty after round 4

13 Nov 2023 awildturtok

grug is when no smc yet three zebra kicker

13 Nov 2023 Jinsei

Everything looks like a Code Gate when you're using a [CENSORED].

14 Nov 2023 Longi

Love it!

14 Nov 2023 Loki37

The deck is grug, the write-up excellent, the play was masterful.

Kit in the cut!

14 Nov 2023 Inactivist

I'm always saying this.

3 Dec 2023 dasher

Grug create great deck for Kit and write greatest guide in history of the Netrunner! Proud Grug should be!