I tried to score but they kept dying! (7th at German Nats)

Quercia 277

I had no idea what to play before the tournament so I sleeved the deck I have been using in my casual weekly meetup that is reasonably strong and very fun and simple to play. And boy this deck got some mad legs! There's nothing new here. This is just an updated version of the very good Azmari list that did great at Worlds. The only changes were -1 enigma -1 News Hound +2 Gold Farmer and swapping Degree Mill for Bellona.

Bellona is a godsend that not only keeps the runner shy but also has synergy with Econ Warfare , helping landing HHN and Boom! Gold Farmer is a flat 4 credit tax no matter what fracter they have installed (except Paperclip and Tycoon). Interesting enough I never managed to win a single game by scoring, mainly because as I was close to the victory runners would start to be more aggressive and eventually getting killed.

Overall this deck went 5-1 in swiss and 0-2 in the cut, losinto against Smoke and Hoshiko in 2 very close games for a total of 5-3. Shapers are the most feared matchups and Anarchs and Crims being usually easy to beat, specially after the first score when they are forced to catchup with you.

Thanks to the Berlin crew for the support and the tournament staff (yes, 5n00P1, I'm talking to you) for putting together such a great experience.

14 Jan 2020 Council

Yurp, this still looks great. I actually went with triple NGO over the DQs, and added a Digital Rights Management for good measure, but this Azmari deck is still v. potent.

14 Jan 2020 Skandrino

Gold Farmer costs 4 even with Tycoon or Paperclip according to what people say on that card's page.