Tag And/Or Bag GameNET!

CryptoGraham 963

Run, don't run, either way, I'll gitcha!

This is a quick first iteration of "What can GameNET do for you?". When you look at the numbers, it's actually pretty easy to see how good the economy of GameNET can really help you bury the runner in tags.

The first tempting trap of GameNET is to think that while you might HAVE a better econ generally from it that you can run much bigger ice. I have found that this can easily make you feel extraordinarily poor (runners don't like to voluntarily pay you) and therefore it doesn't mean you necessarily need less econ support.

With this, I think it's really easy to import an NBN Tag and Bag shell directly into GameNET. Whereas something like SYNC really wants to stick those tags and makes runners wait to run, GameNET can actually function in a similar fashion by having a cheap but dependable ice suite that provides a much more reliable and stronger credit swing when you decide you want to land some Hard-Hitting News!

Card Choices:

GameNET triggering ice:

*If the runner doesn't use breakers to break Endless EULA, you will gain the rez-cost back immediately.

Feels good

  • Gold Farmer is ludicrous in this build. Essentially all the fracters cost about the same: Paperclip, Corroder, and Aumakua costs them 4, you gain 2. The new-fangled MacDonald's breaker will net-cost them 3, you still gain 2. It's a rather nice benefit that cannot be Hunting Grounds-ed away!

  • Afshar was a surprise I was happy to discover. If the first sub fires, you gain a credit (and over HQ, you'll always get that credit).

  • Slot Machine on a whiff (only the first sub) still gives you a credit!

  • Tollbooth already hurts, and on encounter you get a credit.

  • Turnpike feels like the best value of paying for itself after only two encounters!

Potential future changes:

  • Having both kill and Psycho /EOI as tag punishment could be seen as A Bit Too Much. If I wanted to go all-in on kill / tag-hell, I would remove EOI and Psychographics for a fun 2x Prisec surprise. If you wanted to still FA out some beales, you could remove an IPO instead. Instead of Prisec, you could consider adding a bit more of the GameNET ice!

This is a lot of fun and fairly easy to pilot.

Good luck, and stick those tags!

17 Dec 2019 phlip45

Macrophage might be a good addition if you remove the Cyberdex Sandbox. For each trace they pay into, you gain a cred, and if they break it that is pretty expensive for most cases. Even fully charged turtle will usually want to break 3 subs.

17 Dec 2019 zmb

You dont have a lot of trashables for those AR, so what is the plan with those?

17 Dec 2019 CryptoGraham

@phlip45 Macrophage is quite a good idea, honestly. I'd need to vet it a bit more and then also determine what the flex slot should be!

@zmbSo I always say the same thing for my ARES decks:

There are 8 total trashables (6 Assets, 2x BOOM!), and the primary function is to protect your Daily Quests. Ultimately though it's a meta call; If you find yourself against ice destruction or a lot of Freedom it's a great idea. If you aren't encountering them, you could easily swap for QPMs, etc.

20 Dec 2019 Therebrae

A note that Macrophage is even better WITH Cyberdex Sandbox. The macrophage purge triggers the 4 credit gain from Sandbox. That's some big game.

22 Dec 2019 Urziel

From NR rules: After the Corporation spends his credits, the Runner has the opportunity to openly spend credits to increase his link strength

So in theory if they are paying for a trace on corp cards it should also trigger GameNET: Where Dreams are Real (it would be great if someone can confirm this).

if you can add one Weyland card instead of BOOM! (1 infulence) and add Archived Memories you gain really efficient method for including Consulting Visit.

When you compare this ID to Azmari EdTech: Shaping the Future the real problem is that you need ICE / other cards for this ID to work. For Azmari EdTech: Shaping the Future you just need Scarcity of Resources and name events each turn.

22 Dec 2019 Skandrino

Endless eula is still not good enough and normally won't trigger your ID (people will just break it with fracter or turtle, which costs the same as rezzing the ice, but other ice have even better ratios and are punishing/tagging). Much better to include 3-of your other, excellent ice instead.

22 Dec 2019 ctz

I approve of this message! Make sure you look towards red town for some more optimal taxing ;)

24 Dec 2019 CryptoGraham

@Urziel Traces should trigger GameNET, that's correct. I also feel like the density of having 4 cards capable of killing (2x BOOM!, 2x Consulting Visit) makes it work. I think proof of concept, this is there, you basically can flex GameNET best when you can force the runner to have to run and deal with your impactful assets. You WANT them to have to come spend their money and cards like Daily Quest and the ice selection reinforce that point.